The Top Accessories For IPhone 5 in 2014

Since the launch of the iconic smartphone known as iPhone 5, sales have rocketed. These phones are now offered with top rated accessories to enhance the usability aspects of the phone. Here are a few of the most popular accessories available for iPhones today.

1. Lightning to “30 pin Adapter”

Lightning 8 Pin to 30 Pin Adapter
Lightning 8 Pin to 30 Pin Adapter

One of the more significant changes or advancements for the iPhone 5 would have to be the “lighting” connector. The new connectivity and charging port, has created issues for individuals who have other accessories and existing docks. Fortunately, the lightning to “30 pin adapters allows for older accessories to work with the iPhone 5.

2. Screen Protectors

iPhone 5 Screen Protector
iPhone 5 Screen Protector

One of the appealing features of the iPhone 5 is the extended screen that offers an increased performance. There are various screen protectors now specifically suited for the iPhone 5 which will include privacy type screen guards, clear type screen guards and the popular mirrored effect option.

3. iPhone 5 Cases

Ballistic iPhone 5 Case
Ballistic iPhone 5 Case

One of the most popular accessories for just about all Smartphones will have to be the case. These cases offer stylish and attractive benefits while others focus on “heavy duty” protection. The cases offer individuals a unique method in personalizing the visual look of the phone. Otterbox offers various “heavy duty” cases which claim to protect the phone from brutal bumps, drops and knocks.

Various manufacturers sell cases that are ultra-slim along with attractive and enticing designs. These cases offer individuals a way to make their iPhone 5 stand out from the rest.

4. Speaker Docks

Logitech Pure-fi Express Plus Speaker Dock
Logitech Pure-fi Express Plus Speaker Dock

Previous versions of the iPhone used popular accessories such as speaker docks. The iPhone 5 introduced a new “dock connector” port which will encourage consumers to update their existing docking options. Top rated audio manufacturers sell docks for the iPhone 5.

5. Headsets and “Bluetooth” Car Kits

Multipoint Bluetooth 3.0 EDR Speakerphone Hands-Free Car Kit
Multipoint Bluetooth Speakerphone Hands-Free Car Kit

These accessories are fantastic for individuals who spend much of their day driving. For individuals who already own car kits and Bluetooth headsets for an iPhone. These devices will work accordingly with the iPhone 5. However, the latest release for car kits and Bluetooth headsets will complement the slender design of the iPhone 5. These updated versions offer more features and added benefits in advancements.

Top rated accessories for the iPhone 5 have become available upon the launch date of this fantastic Smartphone. New accessories are soon to be released to keep up with the demand for these types of Smartphones. Individuals can benefit from new ideas and innovations from accessory manufacturers. With the right accessories, individuals can protect their Smartphone and discover methods in enhancing the features of their iPhone 5. It is always advisable to only purchase accessories that are designed to suit the iPhone 5 capabilities and features.

The iPhone 5 has been regarded as one of the hottest smart phones ever launched and the accessories available add to the attractive features of the phone. Protective casing is a necessity in protecting the screen of the phone and avoiding unforeseen damages caused from bumps, drops and knocks.

By Aria



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