Things To Consider When Buying A Smartphone For Your Child

There is a huge debate about buying smartphones for children. We have some people that will tell you that it is a really bad idea. Their main argument is that they did not have a smartphone when they were young and the child does not need one. This is definitely a bad argument. If you find it that your life is incomplete without your smartphone, the child should also receive one.

Child and Smartphone
Child and Smartphone

The real problem is that it can be a little complicated to choose such a phone for a child. We are faced with a huge diversity and it is quite obvious that some of the phones will be too advanced for the child to actually make proper use of them. However, there are even cases in which a really complex phone is a great idea. Everything boils down to what the child could use and what he/she likes. As the number of smartphone users is growing, let us see how we can have the child join the trend by thinking about the factors that we would need to consider.

Available Budget

It is obvious that we need to think about the money that is available. In the event that we do not have enough money, we should contact the carrier. There may be special deals that include new phones for new contracts or extensions. This is a great way to buy a brand new smartphone at low prices. However, in this case you would need to teach the child about the responsibility of not using the phone too much. In most situations a pre-paid SIM card with a fully purchased unlocked phone is better.

The Child’s Technical Literacy

Do not underestimate how good your child is with gadgets. If he has a computer or an Xbox, there is a pretty good possibility that he will quickly learn how to use the phone better than you do. Children do learn faster than us. However, this does not mean that you should just offer the newest gadget with the best features in the event that your child needs to be taught how to dial a phone number.

Why You Buy The Smartphone

Children are well known for not caring about items that they receive. This may be different with a smartphone but you still need to offer the device as some sort of reward for something that was done properly, maybe for good grades or for getting a scholarship. This teaches the child that he/she gets rewarded when doing some things.

Where You Buy From

This is particularly important when you do not work with a carrier for a phone discount based on a subscription. Try to find the best deals that are available but remember the fact that some of the stores offer more quality than others. It is smart to buy online because the price tags are great, especially when referring to accessories. You can thus save some money and still get your child the smartphone that he/she wants.

By Boris Dzhingarov who is founder of



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