How To Stay Safe In Polar Vortex

Freezing weather can come on suddenly or it may be in your local weather forecast. Either way, you need to remember to always be prepared to stay safe and warm during the polar vortex.

Polar Vortex. NOAA
Polar Vortex. NOAA. Image source:

Space Heaters and Kerosene Heaters

While these are great for helping to keep your home warmer during freezing temperatures, they should be used with caution. Always make sure to have plenty of space around any space heater. They can easily heat up items around them and catch the entire home on fire. Kerosene heaters need proper ventilation in order to keep from poisoning you so make sure to ventilate properly. Always keep children and your pets away from any space heater to avoid burns or injury.

Avoid Going Out

If at all possible, stay inside. Reschedule appointments and stay where you’re safe. Avoid walking in snow and ice where you could fall.  It’s easy to get stuck in snow or ice and cars can easily slide around. The safest place to be is your own home. If you must go out, don’t go out alone. Take a cell phone with you so that if you are stuck or fall you can call for help immediately.

Keep Elderly Safe as Well

If freezing weather is coming make sure the elderly in your family are prepared. If need be, go and get them and take them to your home to keep them safe. Check on them often if you can’t get to them.


Have plenty of easy to prepare foods on hand. If you lose power have foods that can easily be used in an emergency such as peanut butter, jelly and bread. It won’t be forever so a few meals of this won’t ruin your diet plan. Keep other healthy foods on hand as well. The easier they are to prepare the better off you’ll be.

Stay Warm

If your home is drafty, create a warm room by putting blankets up over doors and windows to one room. Have everyone stay in the warm room even if it means everyone has to sleep in the same room for a few nights. Keeping one room warm is far easier than keeping an entire house warm.

Keep Gas In Cars

Avoid allowing cars to be low on gas during winter months. Fill up at each and every opportunity and try to aim for at least a half tank of gas available at all times. If there is an emergency it will be much easier if you don’t have to stop for gas. Besides, gas stations might not be open or available.

Fireplace Safety

Fireplaces can help to warm a house but use caution. Always open the flue and never use any combustible fluids in the fireplace such as gasoline, kerosene or lighter fluid. These could splash on you and cause you to catch fire and the fumes could cause you lung damage.

Planning ahead for freezing weather isn’t difficult and if you pre plan you’ll be prepared for nearly any event.

By Aria


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