Four Handmade Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2014

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, one may be wondering what to get their significant other for the big day of love. If you’ve been in the romance game for long, then you know that we’re conditioned by marketing to only think of chocolates, flowers, jewelry, and maybe stuffed animals as appropriate gifts for Valentine’s Day. But if you’re looking for something a little more personal, why not consider a handmade gift this February? Below are our favorite handmade gift ideas for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Days
Valentine’s Days

1. Homemade Valentines

Nothing says like you put a lot of thought into someone on this day like giving them a custom card you made yourself! If you’re kids at heart, bust out the construction paper, the glue and the glitter, and the magic markers and get really creative. If you’re more classy and artistic, you can create your own drawing or design based on what your partner loves most. Delicate decorations like lace and beads are a great way to class up a homemade Valentine.

2. Meal Just For Two

If you can’t afford to take your partner out to his or her favorite restaurant, then consider bringing the restaurant home to your partner! Get in the kitchen and make the greatest meal of your life. Pasta, salads, even barbecue can be romantic with the right person and the right setting. Send the kids away, put on some mood music, light the candles, and invite your loved one to a glamorous meal made just for them.

3. Vases With Flowers From The Garden

Many DIY craft shops have blank vases in many sizes for you to choose from. You can paint them, embellish them with beads, or whatever strikes your fancy. Evoke what makes your partner special and will make his or her eyes light up when you present your gift. If you have a garden together, fill the vase with fresh flowers. If you don’t, you can get even a single red rose from the local florist’s for fairly cheap. The flower doesn’t necessary matter: the fact that you created a beautiful vase it what counts!

4. Scrapbook Showcasing Your Relationship

For the really crafty and creative, you can create a small (or big) scrapbook showcasing your relationship. Get copies of photos from over the years. Get mementos. Find decals in craft shops that represent what you two love to do together. After you present your gift, you can make an event out of going through the scrapbook with your partner and going down the memory lane of romance.

Valentine's Day Coffee
Valentine’s Day Coffee

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive or impersonal. By taking into account your unique skills and what your partner loves, you can come up with a homemade gift this Valentine’s day that is sure to wow everyone who sees it! Who knows? Maybe this time next year your friends will be begging you for ideas on how to score big on the day of romance and the celebration of eternal love.

By Aria


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