Top Freezing Winter Preparation Tips

When the wintertime temperatures drop significantly well below normal, staying safe and warm can often be an extreme challenge. However, it is essential that every resident take necessary precautions to protect life and safeguard property against damage. It is essential to take care of pets/livestock, check on elderly individuals and protect exposed plumbing. These top freezing winter preparation tips can often mean the difference between surviving the cold months or not.

Top Freezing Winter Preparation Tips

Protecting Individuals

Wherever and however possible, it is essential to keep warm at all times. If going outside is required, dress in clothing layers and be sure to wear gloves, hats and a coat that sufficient enough to keep warm. In addition, take all steps necessary to avoid overexertion. This is because the cold weather can put additional strain on the body.

In addition to staying warm, it is essential to observe and perform heater safety. This means never placing the space heater near water or on top of furniture. Keep the source of heat a minimum of three feet away from drapery and furniture. In addition, never leave unattended children within proximity of a space heater.

It is essential to take necessary precautions against CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning. This can be accomplished by installing a battery-operated carbon monoxide detector. In addition, avoid using carbon monoxide producing devices indoors including grills, generators, or camp stoves.

Protecting Pets

It is essential to provide every pet in the household proper shelter, whether the dog or cat stays indoors or outdoors. Every indoor pet needs to have a crate or bed placed in proximity of warmth, in a location away from drafts. Pets that stay outdoors need to be provided a sufficiently insulated home that is both waterproof and wind resistant. In addition, the outdoor pet housing should be elevated at least a few inches off the ground to ensure that moisture and wind cannot seep inside.

Installing a door flap on the penthouse is an easy way to protect against wind gusts and drafts. Adding straw and extra blankets help maximize the pet’s warmth when necessary. Any floor heater or room heater needs to be kept away from the pet because of the obvious fire hazards and the ability to cause significant injury.

It is essential that pets have access to adequate amounts of water and food each day during the cold winter months. Most pets that live outdoors burn up to 50 percent more calories every day in an effort to stay warm during cold months.

It is essential to understand the cats and dogs are naturally attracted to anti-freeze, because of the sweet taste and smell of its active ingredient ethylene glycol. Even a minimal lick has the potential of killing the pet, so it is essential to check the driveway for any leaks any time of year.

Protecting Pipes

It is essential to wrap any exposed pipe and faucet, including piping in the garage, attics and crawlspace. During extremely cold temperatures, it is important to adjust the indoor faucet to a slow drip, as an effective way to minimize the potential of freezing.

Following these effective tips is an easy solution for staying warm and healthy during the cold winter.

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