Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date, Rumors and Predictions

At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, we learned that the Samsung Galaxy S5 would be appearing within the next few months. Which would be around the same time that the hardware giant Samsung released its flagship Galaxy S4 last year.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept
Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Image source:

Since the event, the questions that everyone has been asking are; when is the Samsung Galaxy S5 going to be released? Also, what kind of specifications are going to be featured in the new Samsung Galaxy S5.

According to the rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature a premium metal body. However, there will also be a lower end option with a plastic body. As far as the other specifications are concerned. The rumor has it that the S5 will have a 2560×1440 AMOLED display. It will also feature an impressive 16-megapixel camera, an Exynos 6 processor. When released, the phone will run Android 4.4 KitKat.

This (rumored) phone will definitely set a new standard for retina displays. However, it is essentially going to be an iterative hardware upgrade over its predecessor. What is likely to disappoint Samsung fans, nothing too remotely groundbreaking will be unveiled in the new S5.

As you know, these are all rumors and are subject to change. The specifications of the new S5 flagship seem to be accurate. Although, in the tech world, nothing is for certain until the phone actually gets released. Things can change at a moments notice. Especially when you control most of the production of your own phones, as does Samsung.

Samsung also released a bunch of news regarding their tablets. They will be releasing 3 different sizes of their new tablets. Not to mention, they also unveiled that they will be releasing the Galaxy NotePro tablet.

As far as their flagship phone is concerned, only time will tell. The estimation is that the phone is going to be released around March or April. This would be a good time to release their new phone because it will be around a year after their prior release. Phones typically have a year cycle before newer models hit the market in today’s tech world.

Seniors in the company have noted that the successor to the Galaxy S4 will have a focus on the screen and actual “feel” of the phone itself. Leaks have also reported that the S4’s UI might be dramatically changed, as well. It will be interesting to see what changes Samsung makes to the UI with the impending release of their own operating system, Tizen.

Some reports even claim that Samsung will abandoned AMOLED technology in favor of the rival LTPS LCD Display technology that is on the market. This would likely be due to the production difficulties with the 2K resolution AMOLED screens. This could be supported by the fact that Samsung recently invested a ton of money (3 percent stake) in Sharp. Perhaps indicating that Sharp will be manufacturing the screens for the new Samsung flagship smartphone that will release in the next few months.

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