Mountek MT5000 Universal CD Slot Car Mount Holder Review

As there’s an increasing need to stay connected at all times, there’s no wonder we need to have our mobile phones and other devices permanently on sight. Too bad we also have to drive sometimes, as texting while driving is an endless source of terrible accidents, with severe injuries or even death. This is why it’s always good to use a sort of hands-free device whenever we want to use our mobile phone in the car. Some people are fine with headphones, but if you also want to use the GPS on your smartphone, a car mount is highly indicated.

Mountek MT5000 Hands Free Car Mount for Apple iPhone, Android phones, and GPS
Mountek MT5000 Hands Free Car Mount for Apple iPhone, Android phones, and GPS

One of the best slot mounts for GPS and mobile phones is Mountek MT5000. Fairly inexpensive, the holder is universal, thus being able to firmly hold most smartphones available on the market, as well as GPS devices, MP3 players or satellite radios.

What makes Mountek MT5000 special is the fact that it doesn’t get attached on the windshield or on the dashboard of the car like many other similar holders. It inserts into the CD player slot, thus offering easy access to all controls on your smartphone or whatever electronic device you want to use with the mount. Besides, it doesn’t obstruct your visibility, so you can drive safely without even knowing you have it attached until the moment you need to use it.

Mountek MT5000 Hands Free Car Mount On Car CD Slot
Mountek MT5000 Hands Free Car Mount On Car CD Slot

Being inserted straight into the CD player slot, Mountek MT5000 doesn’t need any suction cups, screws, clips or adhesives to maintain its firm position when the car is on the move. With Mountek MT5000 you have the advantage of a steady and reliable support for you device, without having to damage your car by drilling holes into the dashboard. You won’t have to deal with poor quality adhesives or suction cups either, so you don’t risk your device to fall on the floor whenever you’re driving on a bumpy road.

This car mount has been designed with functionality in mind, so it takes into consideration a mobile phone may have the charging port on a side and not on the top or bottom of the case. By simply detaching the support bar at the bottom of the holder, you can have your phone firmly held with the charging port exposed.

Mountek MT5000 is compatible with a wide range of devices: the Samsung Galaxy S series, all iPhone models from 3GS to 5, most HTC models, Nexus One, LG Revolution, Motorola and many others. Beware though, if you have a TomTom GPS decive with protruding rear speaker, this car mount isn’t suitable for you.

The nGroove design of Mountek MT5000 makes it compatible with thin grooves that are available in many vehicles, planes, motorcycles or even boats. The mount is fully adjustable, so you can find the viewing angle that’s best for you and lock your smartphone in that position. With this car mount, you can have your device handy and ready for use, while being able to focus all your attention on the road.

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Here is the video for the item:

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