The Correct Methods on Disposing of Your Old Electronics

Electronic products have grown in a substantial way over the last twenty years, this has changed the speed and the way in which we obtain information and communicate with one another. According to recent studies of the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association), the average American household owns up to twenty four electronic products.

When you donate your old electronics for the purposes of reuse, this will promote an extension in the lives of electronic products. Recycling electronics at the correct facilities can prevent valuable materials entering into waste streams. You are now presented with a variety of options on donating or recycling old electronics.

Electronic Recycling
Electronic Recycling

Various electronic retailers, cell phone, TV and Computer manufacturers now participate in sponsored recycling events, or a take back type of program. Many states have successfully implemented laws on recycling and disposal of electronic products.

However, not all recyclers for electronic goods will follow practices of sound recycling for the preservation of the environment. Responsible refurbishes or recyclers of electronics are now certified. This means that they demonstrate and meet up with the correct procedures in recycling practices. The EPA suggests that all types of electronic recyclers should be certified and at the same time customers should only choose from recyclers that are certified.

Methods on Recycling Your Old Electronics

1.Use only Certified Recyclers

Find electronic recyclers that have been certified through BAN (Basel Action Network). This organization only certifies recyclers that practice responsible methods in recycling electronic products. This will mean your electronic gadget will be either recycled or reused in the correct way, without ending up as added pollution in the landfills.

2.Visit Your Local Civic Institutions

Electronic waste has become a widespread problem over the years. Local governments, universities and schools now offer the public specific days on which they can drop off their old electronic products.

Various communities will post recycling days, check out your nearest newspaper or visit associated websites. Encourage your friends and family members to join you on the days that are allocated to recycling electronic products.

3.Retail Options

Alternatively there are a number of stores involved in offering the public an effective method of disposing of their old electronics. You will be able to drop off a variety of products at one location. Some of the electronic products accepted will include:

-Cell phones

-Net books



-Power cords


-GPS devices

-Memory cards


-Paper shredders

-DVD players

-Gaming consoles

There are even organizations that now offer the public an opportunity in recycling electronic products using a system of containers that have a pre-paid postage available. This system offers cash rewards on specific products. These rewards can additionally be transferred in donating your cash rewards to organizations that work for charity.


Contribute to a greener environment and ensure your old electronics are disposed of in the correct manner. Make sure you only use certified recyclers who practice safe methods of disposing waste or reusing electronic products. This will contribute to a better ways of recycling.

About the author

Vince Bradley is a kitchen appliance technician. He is specializing in stove and refrigerator repair. He likes to write and give advise about how to maintain kitchen appliance in good condition and also how to repair a broken home appliance. He is works for a ABCAuthorizedRepair in Studio City, CA.


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