Fail Proof Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

So you’ve decked the halls and hung the stockings, but just in the nick of time remembered that you forgot a gift for somebody? Fear not! No matter how lacking you are in creativity under pressure or how little time you’ve got left, there’s something for everybody on your list, you just have to know where to look.

Christmas Tree and Gifts

Do A Quick Online Search

Thanks to modern technology, you can find the perfect last minute Christmas gift with just the click of a mouse. Type in something that your recipient enjoys, such as “coffee” or “photography” and add the word “gift” or “novelty”. The results will yield a number of ideas you probably never would have thought of on your own. As an added bonus, most search engines also lead you right to the best retailers too!

Visualize The Person

Think about the man or woman you’re in search of a gift for, remembering all the times and conversations you’ve had together. What was it she said she always wanted? What did he say he really wish he had more of? Mental images of the past can bring you great ideas for presents! Try and recall a time you spoke of shopping together with the person. Remember something they complained about, and think about how you can improve that situation with a unique and thoughtful solution all wrapped up with a bow.

Stereotype Your Recipient

While it may sound offensive, categorizing the person you need a last minute gift for will bring all kinds of ideas to mind. For example, a nerd craves technology, while a naturalist wants something green and organic. Find a gadget for one and a yummy filled basket for the other. When you stereotype, your mind will automatically associate logical, practical and sought after gifts you can get.

Thumb Through A Store Flyer

No matter what major retailer you visit during the month of December, they will have a neat little flyer at the front door for you to see all that they’ve got to offer. Grab one, sit down and start browsing. Look at the toys, housewares, electronics, gourmet foods, cosmetics and more until something strikes you. Chances are very good that more than a few items will make incredible last minute gifts. As a treat for yourself for, have the store wrap it up rather than doing it yourself!

Role Play With A Stand-In

If you’re still completely stuck with time ticking, grab a friend and have them pretend to be your recipient. Say things that describe the person in detail. Ask your friend to imagine themselves to be the one getting your gift. Use each other as sounding boards until one of you utters an amazing gift idea. Within a matter of minutes you should know exactly what to buy.

Go Conservative

Sometimes there’s simply no time to tinker around with ideas. Other times,  people are simply impossible to buy for to begin with, much less under pressure. If either of these situations present themselves, go with a conventional last minute Christmas gift. A tie, sweater or gift certificate is tasteful and appropriate for just about anyone. Flowers, wine or wool socks will be opened with gratitude. There’s nothing wrong with conservatism, and it’s the thought that counts anyway!

Check your list twice a few days before Christmas, just to be sure! If there’s someone you forgot about, get a move on for a great gift. There are fail proof ways of dealing with this common dilemma, you’ve just got to keep your cool and keep smiling.

For your last minute Christmas Gifts, please visit

You can still receive your item before Christmas if you order it by December 17, 2013, but please remember to order the items marked as “sold & fulfilled by”

By Aria


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