Finding Last Minute Christmas Getaways

Though many people plan their 2013 Christmas vacation weeks or even months ahead of time, there are still those who have put it off until the last minute. You may have had plans fall through or not known when you would have vacation time during the holidays. You need not worry though. There are several tips to help you still have an enjoyable vacation through the 2013 Christmas season.

Bound For Vacation
Bound For Vacation

Begin by investigating the offerings from different travel sites. You will discover that there are still some great last minute deals on airfare and even hotels. If you do not see something right away, check back. These pages are updated frequently. There are always last minute cancellations that provide an opening for the savvy traveler.

Skiing Vacation
Skiing Vacation

If the dates you wish to travel are flexible, check for departure from your local airport on Christmas day. Most people will book flights before the holiday because they want to be at their destination for the celebration. If you can find a flight on Christmas, the fare will likely be far lower than a few days before.

Look also at the potential return date. If possible, travel home on New Year’s Eve. If you wish to stay longer, book a flight that is leaving on January third or later. As with your departure from home, these dates are more likely to have a reasonable rate. It will be worth the money you save to take flights on these dates. You will also have fewer people to deal with at the airport.

Beach Vacation
Beach Vacation

Once you know where you are going, go to the websites of all the major chain motels and hotels that are in your destination. You will be able to find a list of which ones have available space. As with the flights, it pays to check back often. Those people who have to cancel their plans at the last minute are helpful to your vacation.

If you are unable to book a flight or just do not want to deal with the airports, find a suitable destination that is within driving distance. Make a list of the resorts that are close to you. Call them and ask about their availability. They may be able to put you on a waiting list. If not, find out what day penalties begin for last minute cancellations. Begin calling on that date.

Traveler's Choice Toronto 3 Piece Luggage Set
Traveler’s Choice Toronto 3 Piece Luggage Set

If none of these plans worked out for you, consider using your holiday funds to plan local activities. You can enjoy dinners at the finest restaurant in town and treat yourself to nearby museums. Search for other places of interest, such as a planetarium. If your city has a spa, make an appointment for a relaxing massage or a soak in mineral waters.

Even though last minute plans take a bit of ingenuity, you can have a great time by utilizing these suggestions. You will discover that you are able to have a wonderful holiday even though you did not plan far in advance.

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