Unique and Simple Christmas Craft Ideas For 2013

This year, instead of focusing on hitting all of the biggest sales on holiday items, think about creating some of your own decorations, holiday stockings, ornaments or even homemade gifts. Not only are you going to find that there are all sorts of incredible crafts that you can make to decorate your home but there are also a good number of projects that are just right for children to do. The more thought you put into each piece, you are going to take the personal touch to a whole new level.

Natural Item Crafts

Pine Cones
Pine Cones

Even if you may not be someone who considers themselves to be extremely crafty, you can put together some simple crafts with friends or loved ones each holiday season. Perhaps you want to try your hand at garland for your tree or even for decorating your mantle. All you have to do is find some natural items from the outdoors and tie them together either using clear fishing line or natural rope. Pine cones, cranberries, sprigs from evergreen trees and more are all incredible options for unique and festive garland.

Candle Crafts

Candle Crafts
Candle Crafts

Believe it or not, you can transform simple pillar candles into stunning holiday centerpieces with very few materials. Just buy some pillar candles in various heights, possibly in holiday scents such as winter pine, vanilla spice or merry cranberry. Pick out a roll of beautiful holiday ribbon and cut pieces to size, making sure that each piece is long enough to wrap around the candle once with a tiny bit of overlap. Wrap each candle and simply hold in place by inserting a push pin with a colored tip to match or a decorative holiday embellishment. Arrange the candles around your home or as a centerpiece and you have a wonderful and truly easy holiday craft idea for your home.

Children Crafts

Children Crafts
Children Crafts

If you have children, gather some items to make keepsake holiday ornaments for this Christmas season. With a little bit of glue, glitter and plain ball ornaments, you can help your child decorate them with their own personal touch. Draw snowflakes, Christmas trees or candy canes with the glue and then dust with a good dose of glitter, Shake off the excess and let dry for a beautiful new addition to your holiday tree. To keep them in great shape as they are stored, wrap in tissue paper and place in a small box with the rest of your tree ornaments.

Have Fun and Enjoy Your Holiday

The more you look around your home, the chances are very good that you are going to see more and more items that you can use to create Christmas crafts. Since the holiday season is a magical time of year, there are plenty of crafts that you can make for yourself, your family and even for other people on your holiday shopping list. When you are able to sit and make Christmas crafts with your children, you are building a world of beautiful memories that they are going to keep with them for the rest of their lives.

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Image credit: commons.wikimedia.org

By Aria


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