2013 Thanksgiving Photography – Best Tips and Tricks

Thanksgiving is a time for thankfulness and celebration. It is a time to reflect on ourselves and our family and count our blessings. It starts the Holiday season and presents a great opportunity for photographers of all experience levels due to the festive nature of Thanksgiving and the gathering of families. It is certainly a time that you want to remember. Therefore, it is important to take great photos that will help create lasting memories. But a lot of people fail to capture the moments perfectly, resulting in a lost opportunity. Below we will discuss some of the best Thanksgiving photography tips and tricks to get you some amazing long lasting photographs.

Thanksgiving Meal

1. Be Prepared.

Every single photography session is going to go better when properly planned. You should be thinking about the shots that you want to get. You want to clean out your memory card so that you do not run out of space during the event. You should see whether or not the lighting is proper and test out different exposure values to see whether or not they would produce a clear image. This way, you will be 100% prepared when your event comes and when the shots matter.

2. Get Close Up Photos.

2013 Thanksgiving Plate
Thanksgiving Plate

A lot of photography is to show details and recreate the actual image. For this reason, you may want to include a zoom lens for Holiday shooting. If you are planning on doing any number of close ups, you are going to benefit from getting a lens that can properly photograph the pictures that you want taken.

3. Capture The Family Moment.

Because it is Thanksgiving, you are going to want to take great family portraits. Because these shots can be boring, you are going to want to plan ahead and even utilize props to your advantage. Position your family to take into consideration all of the factors that will come into play. This includes the height of everybody and the width of the table. Because you will want to include yourself in the photo’s as well, you will want to get a tall enough tripod that you will be able to take auto timed photographs of the entire family. You should avoid using flash indoors and instead let the light in the room be the key lights in the pictures.

4. Candid Photos is Priceless.

You are going to want to take a more candid shots than actual posed shots. The reason is because they will capture more emotion and the emotions more accurately. Because of this, you should get a lot of photos with people without their knowledge. This will help capture the real emotion and atmosphere of the event.

Finally, when you are trying to capture the perfect photos, remember that the best photos are going to be when the emotions are at their highest. This means to capture photographs the moment family members see each other and throughout the event when the time calls for it. Always be prepared and you will never miss a great shot.

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