USB Gadgets To Help You Stay Warm In The Winter

When winter comes around again, many people are focused on staying as warm and cozy as possible. Of course, there is always the old-fashioned method of putting on as many layers as you can and snuggling up under a blanket, but if you enjoy a more high-tech approach to staying warm, try some of these hot new gadgets.

USB Heated Mouse Pad

You can also buy a mouse pad that comes with a built-in warming element. This way, your hand can stay warm but the mouse remains at the room temperature. The pad also comes with four USB hubs to connect extra devices to your computer. If you find yourself getting too warm, just unplug the pad and it works as a normal mouse pad.

USB Heated Slippers

To keep your feet extra warm on cold winter nights, just slip on a pair of USB slippers. These warm, toasty slippers easily connect to your computer with the attached USB plug. A built-in temperature control lets you adjust the level of warmth to your personal comfort.

USB Heated Blanket


A heated USB blanket is a great way to stay warm when you are using the computer. Whether you are working on it at home or at the office, this blanket keeps you warm and toasty. Just plug the USB connector into your computer for power. The heating pad can be removed when you need to wash the blanket itself.

USB Heated Floor Mat

Electric Foot Warming Pad
Electric Foot Warming Pad

If you are one of the many people who suffer from icy toes and frozen feet during the winter, a foot warmer is just the ticket. A warming floor may can be plugged into your computer or a power outlet so that you can stay warm while you work. You can also plug it in so that you can use it while you read or watch TV.

USB Heated Seat

USB Heated Cushion
USB Heated Cushion

You can even warm your rear end when you are sitting down with a USB seat warmer. This cushion can be plugged into your computer so that heat will radiate through your entire body. The cushion also has an AC adapter so that you can use it anywhere there is a power outlet.

USB Heated Mouse

USB Warm mouse
USB Heated Mouse

Your computer mouse does not just have to be the way you interact with your computer. It can also keep your hands warm on a cold winter day. A USB warmer mouse contains a tiny heater that warms the mouse while you use it.

During the winter, many people find it difficult to remain comfortably warm. By using any of these great USB gadgets, you can help yourself stay warm and toasty, no matter how cold it may be outside.



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