Winter Indoor Activity Ideas For Kids

Winter can be a challenging time for families.  Although it can be fun for your children to play outside in the snow or cold for short periods of time, they will spending a lot of time indoors.  Here are some fun winter indoor activity ideas for kids to help keep them entertained.

Bake Tasty Treats

Kids Cooking
Kids Cooking

One fun activity you can do with your children is bake something tasty like their favorite cookies, brownies or cake.  Your kids will forget that it is too cold to play outside in no time at all.  Let them help get the ingredients together in the bowl, stir with a wooden spoon, make cookies with a cookie cutter and other activities that go into making their favorite tasty treats.  Once they are cooked, you can have a small party to celebrate.

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Play a Board Game

Board Game
Board Game

Now is the time to break out Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or whatever your game of choice is.  You can even hold a tournament to see who wins the most games.  This is another fun way to the pass the time on a cold winter’s day.

Watch Your Favorite Movies

Hold a movie marathon.  Watch all the Harry Potter movies or any other series that your kids enjoy.  Make popcorn or have other tasty treats to enjoy.  If you have at least several movies picked out to watch, this activity can keep your kids entertained for hours and hours.

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Do an Arts & Crafts Project Together

Doing Craft
Doing Craft

Arts & crafts is another fun activity that will keep kids occupied.  You can use felt, construction paper, crayons and a whole host of other arts supplies to make fun crafts.  If Thanksgiving or Christmas is coming up, you can always make holiday decorations during your arts & crafts sessions.

Tell Scary Stories

These can be stories you or the children are already familiar with, or you can make up your own scary story together.  Take turns telling parts of the story.  Of course it doesn’t have to be a scary type story if that is not your thing.  Any kind of story can be fun to tell and make up.

Camp Indoors

Make an indoor tent out of blankets and gather up plenty of pillows and sleeping bags.  Make a cozy spot in the living room or other room in the house for your camp site.  You can even sing campfire songs and eat marshmallows.

Hold A Talent Show

Have everyone in the family do a skit, sing a song, dance, tell a joke, play an instrument or any other creative thing they can think of.  You can even hand out prizes and have refreshments on hand to make the event even more festive.

Do Jumping Jacks And Other Fun Exercises

Kids Exercise
Kids Exercise

Sometimes spending too much time indoors can make the kids sluggish.  Wake them up with a fun round of exercise.  You can do jumping jacks, skip rope and other fun exercises that will get the blood flowing and keep everyone entertained.

These winter indoor activity ideas for kids are just the tip of the iceberg.  Use these ideas to inspire you to come up with even more creative activities that you and your children can enjoy on long winter days when it is too cold to play outside.

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