Ideas for Homemade Halloween Costumes In 2013

Halloween is fast approaching, there is time to make a colorful beautifully handmade, stitched felt wings. Anyone can turn into a butterfly. Put on plain black top and black pants with a headband and pipe cleaner antennae fastened to the head band. A monarch might look festive for Halloween. While buying a Halloween costume at the store is pretty easy to do, so is making your own Halloween costume at home. This can save you money that would otherwise go to an expensive costume shop. Depending on the costume you are trying to make you can usually obtain pieces of your costume at thrift stores, discount department stores and even flea markets.

Where’s Waldo costume

Where's Waldo Costum

One costume that you could easily make for yourself is a Where’s Waldo costume. The clothing that makes up the costume can be bought in just about any department store. All you will need is a pair of bright blue jeans, a red and white striped long sleeve shirt or sweater and a red and white striped winter hat.

Homemade Lego costume

A Lego can be easily made with glossy spray paint and round boxes, construct a building block for a unique, creative costume. A hot-air balloon, is made with a bunch of helium filled balloons, the basket is made from a card board box with linen bags anchored to the four corner bottoms of the basket, or card board box, colored squares make it look like a basket from a hot air balloon. Four dowels and taped in the corners of the basket to support the roof of the basket, that’s where the balloons are secured and the whole costume is worn on the child with to straps or suspenders fashioned to the basket, so it is worn like an advertisement sign.

Yoda Halloween Costume

Homemade Yoda Halloween costume

A great creative idea for a homemade Halloween costume for the baby in the family is a little Yoda costume from the Star Wars series by George Lucas. All one would need are some grays and blues oversized clothes singed up with a linen belt, and a bluish grey head dressing with triangle ears on the sides. It is soft, and this homemade Halloween costume will keep baby warm for nighttime trick or treating. Yoda is even one of the 2013 Halloween costume trends for adults.

Mine craft Homemade Halloween Costume

To make for yourself at home is a Mine craft Costume. Mine craft is a popular video game among school-aged children and making a Mine craft head is easy to do. All you have to do is fit a cardboard box over the person’s head, cut out eye holes and decorate the box accordingly. This can make a great costume for either a child or an adult.

Man in the yellow hat costume

Fans of the Curious George books can fairly easily create a man in the yellow hat costume. This can be done by obtaining bright yellow pants and a matching tap with a yellow hat, and a black belt and boots.

The most fun about making these costumes and taking the pictures is that you were there; you are present for these important growth stages in you.

Making these costumes at home can be easy, fun and cost effective.

If you are looking for more check out this inspiring post about 2013 Halloween costume ideas for women.


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