Different Children Fun Activities On Halloween Night

Children love to be busy especially on Halloween night when all their friends have plans. Plan your own Halloween event and have your children invite all of their friends. Here are some ideas to get your started.

Cute Halloween. Image source: commons.wikimedia.org

Back Yard Party

Skull Ghost with Guitar Halloween Decoration
Skull Ghost with Guitar Halloween Decoration

Plan a back yard Halloween party that starts just at dusk. Have a barbecue and create unique fun foods that look like creatures from the great beyond. Plan to make s’mores while you’re at it. Nothing says a fun back yard party like s’mores. You could rename them to something creepy if you like

Attend a Community Party

Gather up the kids and attend a community party for Halloween. General admission for most parties is a bag or so of candy and your time. Kids could enjoy games such as carnival games and cake walks and the like. If your community isn’t having a party look around for the perfect venue and plan your own party. Many communities throw parties like this to help keep kids out of trouble. Ideal for young and old alike all you need is a venue and a few great volunteers to get your party started.  Churches, town halls and civic centers are all ideal locations for these sorts of parties.

Haunted Houses

Hanging Scream Ghost with Light and Sound Effects for Halloween Decoration
Hanging Scream Ghost with Light and Sound Effects for Halloween Decoration

What Halloween celebration is complete without a haunted house? Many high schools put them on for the seniors to earn some extra money for a senior trip. Local ambulance halls often host them as well and why not, they already have all sorts of intriguing equipment that lends itself well to the season. Get creative and have a theme or go with the flow of a favorite scary movie. Either way you’re sure to have a hit. Make sure visitors leave with some candy for being so brave.

Pumpkin Carving Contests

Halloween Pumpkin Shaped Trick or Treat Bag
Halloween Pumpkin Shaped Trick or Treat Bag

Perhaps you’ve grown some great pumpkins in your garden this year. It’s time to gather them up and gather the neighborhood kids and have a contest. Prizes can go to the best looking pumpkin, scariest pumpkin, funniest, weirdest etc. Make sure everyone involved gets some sort of prize for their creation. Don’t forget to roast the seeds.

Scary Movie Night

What Halloween night delight wouldn’t be a movie night. Teens will love this one. Select several great scary movies. Gather the teens and make some creepy snacks. Choose a house with plenty of room for teens to enjoy the movies and turn them loose.

Monster Mash Dance

If the previous ideas don’t sound exciting  how about a Monster Mash Dance? Everyone can dress up in costumes and enjoy the party dancing to such tunes as Monster Mash. Put someone in charge of unique creature snacks and you’ve got a hit. Don’t forget to have a costume contest and prizes for the funniest, most clever, most unique, scariest and so on. Prizes can be funny Halloween themed gift bags (think dollar store items here) and perhaps a bag of candy.

Now that you have some ideas of what to do on Halloween night, you have some decisions to make on what to plan.

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