Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For The Tech Geek

Whether you are male or female, when it comes to birthday’s, getting anything that is high tech can be very exciting. Most people have at least one gadget, usually a mobile phone, and gifts such as a tablet or digital watch can really light up a person’s eyes, and put a big smile on their face.

However, when it comes to buying a birthday gift for someone who is a bit of a geek, and already has all of the obvious gadgets, it can be difficult to find something to buy them. Yes you can get them a voucher, but that is a bit boring, and other people will probably do that as well.

The best solution is to find something different, and below you will find a few ideas.

1. MP3 Sunglasses

4GB Hidden Sunglasses Spycam MP3 Player - $39.99
4GB Hidden Sunglasses Spycam MP3 Player – $39.99

These look just like normal sunglasses, and are very lightweight. It is possible to store thousands of songs on them, and uploading is easy via a USB cable. Small earpieces are connected to arms, and this saves having wires dangling around as you get when using other MP3 devices.

2. Water Dancing Speakers

Led Dancing Water Show Speakers - $45.99
Led Dancing Water Show Speakers – $45.99

These speakers are totally unique. They connect to a laptop, tablet or PC and are powered by USB or mains. They use 3 watt speakers, but the amazing part is that the top contains a few inches of water. When the music changes the water changes color, while water jets respond to the beat; mesmerizing all who watch them.

3. Lamborghini Aventador Mouse

USB 3D Sports Car Optical Mouse - $6.99
USB 3D Sports Car Optical Mouse – $6.99

This is for the person who loves cars, especially the expensive models. Rather than the normal boring mouse models everyone has, this is a scale model of the Lamborghini Aventador.

4. Astronaut USB Light

Solar Astronaut, Educational DIY - $4.99
Solar Astronaut, Educational DIY – $4.99

Having a backlit keyboard is rare, and so in some light conditions it can be difficult to see the keyboard. The astronaut USB light is attached to a long spring, and plugs directly into a laptop USB port. It can then be bent into any position so the light covers the keyboard.

5. Desktop Drum Set

Mini Table Top Drum Set for PC - $69.99
Mini Table Top Drum Set for PC – $69.99

This is a great gadget. A small electronic drum kit that sits on the desk. It is great fun for the user who can have hours of fun beating out tunes.

6. Worlds Smallest Walkie Talkies

20 Channel Wrist Watch Style Walkie Talkie - $59.99
Wrist Watch Style Walkie Talkie – $59.99

These are about an inch in height, and work well up to 100 feet. Much more fun than using mobile phones.

7. IPhone 4 Eye Scope

3-in-1 Lens Kit for Apple iPhone - $15.99
3-in-1 Lens Kit for Apple iPhone – $15.99

Mobile phones are not well-known for the magnification on the camera. Most of the zoom is due to image processing, and not lens control. This gadget attaches to the iPhone 4 and allows the camera to zoom in at up to a magnification of 8x.

8. RC Car

Audi R8 RC Remote Control Car - $19.99
Audi R8 RC Remote Control Car – $19.99

All guys love to play with racing cars, so buy him a remote controlled car. There are hundreds of them available at different prices, and you can also get helicopters, motorbikes, and aeroplanes.

These birthday gift ideas for tech geek should give you an idea of something different to buy someone who seems to have it all.



The Places Your Cellphone Will Go

Cell phones have revolutionized the way that we talk to each other. Unfortunately they have not revolutionized the way that we talk in the car, and with new laws coming out yearly to discourage talking/texting while driving it can seem impossible to take a call when you’re on the road. Fortunately, there are a plethora of options on the market right now that make it possible to talk on the phone without using your hands at all. Below we are going to talk about a few of the most popular options.

Windshield/Dash Holders

Windshield Mount Car Holder Cradle Stand Kit for Apple iPhone 5 5S 5C 5G 4 4S, 360 Degree Rotation Design
Windshield Dashboard Mount Car Holder

These are the most popular types of holders, because they make it very easy to keep your eyes on the road while allowing you to remain attached to your phone. For those of us that have trouble with directions, this type of holder is ideal for when you want to use your GPS or Google Maps to figure out just where you are going. It also makes hands free talking much easier, since most speakers can pick up your voice from that kind of distance. Just make sure that you don’t place this apparatus too far off to one side, because you want to make sure that your eyes are always on the road!

CD Slot Holders

 Mountek nGroove Snap for for Apple iPhone, Android phones, and GPS, NG6000I
CD Slot Holder

If you’re not one of the millions of phone users that are currently using a smart phone, then chances are that you will be soon. The takeover is inevitable, and it is a really good thing believe it or not. There is nothing more convenient than having all of your media in one place, and a CD slot holder takes advantage of that. It not only puts your phone at eye level so you can see when calls/texts come in; but allows you to play music straight from your Apple or Android device. No more listening to the same five songs on loop from that boring local radio station for you!

A Cup Holder Holder

Vehicle Mount for GPS
Cup Holder Mount

For those that like to keep their phone a little bit out of the way while still having it within reach, there are cell phone holders that go right on your center console. These are usually cup shaped items that have a holding apparatus at the top of the phone. You’ll be able to glance down and check your phone at red lights; but it will be out of sight and out of mind while you are actually driving. This is a great option for those that would like to focus on the road and not take too many calls.

Once you have decided which type of cell phone holder is right for you shopping around and picking a model is relatively easy. You’re already on the Internet, so all you have to do is look around, compare prices and read a few reviews before making a decision. The right cell phone holder for your car is out there waiting for you, so go looking for it right now!

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Fall Season Fashion Must Have

A popular style practiced by a person, especially in footwear, accessories, make up, furniture, body piercing, and clothing is known as fashion. The latest designs introduced during the fall season in a fashion mag usually attract all the people addicted to fashion. Fashion introduced in a fashion mag is usually used to promote a cause, such as to save cancer patients, or to promote good and healthy behavior.

David Jones Autumn Winter Launch by Eva Rinaldi
David Jones Autumn Winter Launch by Eva Rinaldi

The fashion of the fall season is usually followed by all, as people need to show off during autumn with the best clothing and jewelry that they can afford. The fashion during autumn brings up a new line of clothing, footwear, accessories, etc. Wearing such things in a proper manner usually catches the attention of the public. All eyes stop blinking and start staring at one person who is perfectly dress. This usually bring in a crave for other men and women to dress in a perfect manner, at the same time a person dressed in accordance with the fashion of the fall may also be envied by the rest.

Autumn clothes

Nitya Autumn 09_11 a by Saptarshi Biswas
Nitya Autumn 09_11 a by Saptarshi Biswas

The clothes line during autumn should include, long but thick and silky in texture for evening gowns and dresses. Such clothes should have either one long cut in the center of the dress, from the knees to the feet, or else two long cuts on either side of the dress from the knees to the feet. Having one single short cut from half way of the leg on the left side to the feet is a good and unique outcome during the autumns. A long dress with an umbrella cut design would be preferably chosen by most women during the fall. Gowns with netted sleeves or with netted coats also would be chosen by the sophisticated to show off on the dance floor. Clothes made of artificial wool like short skirts and coats would match up well with transparent stocking. Such clothes add to the personality of a lady. These clothes should be chosen and worn by women working in offices. Jeans on the other hand, should be of smooth materials but should be thick. They would look perfect with dark colored tops. Dark colors like navy blue, purple, brown, and bottle green should be used for most of the fashionable clothing line introduced during the fall.

Shoes for the fall

it's true I am just a little bit in love with Autumn... {EXPLORE} by slightly everything
Photo by slightly everything

Shoes are the most important part of fashion. Clogs, Heeled Loafers, Wedges, Army boots etc. would look perfect with skirts and jeans. Sandals with appropriate high heels would be perfect for both long gowns and dresses. Sneakers, on the other hand, would look perfect only with jeans. One must be very careful while choosing shoes; else they would create a fashion blunder.

Must have Autumn Accessories

Accessories and shoes go hand in hand, without accessories a person, especially a woman would look really plain. As decors are important for a house to make it look grand and beautiful, autumn accessories too are decors for women, as they add to the beauty of women and make them look beautiful and gorgeous. Danglers with heavy neck wears look perfect with gowns and dresses. Bracelets too can be worn with gowns but it depends on the sleeves on the gowns. Bracelets can only be worn if the sleeves are short enough for the bracelet to be seen. Tops are only to be worn with shirts and jeans or with skirts with over coats.

Fashion introduced during autumn is not at all expensive. Clothes, jewelry and shoes can easily be bought within budget. This is the only reason for women to follow fashion, and to show off with it.