Discover The Popular Usages For The Bluetooth Connection

The creation of Bluetooth goes way back to 1994 when Ericsson devised a way of using short wave frequencies for transferring data usually in the 2400–2480 MHz range. Unlike many other technologies that have come and gone since then, Bluetooth is still going strong and is used in more devices than ever before. It has not stayed the same though as it has evolved as technology has improved, and we are currently up to version 4. You can think of Bluetooth as a very short distance version of WiFi.

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Bluetooth is now controlled by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group and is a not-for-profit organization, which includes many of the world’s hi-tech companies. Version 4 now uses less power than its predecessors and yet has the same range and more options. Power usage is a very important aspect in today’s technologies and so each version has used less and less of it. Bluetooth is so widespread these days, and so universally accepted, most people do not even know that they are using it.

Bluetooth Usage

•    A lot of desktop PC’s now use wireless keyboards and mice. When they first appeared they used a wireless signal or infrared, but these days most of them use Bluetooth technology.
•    Hands free headsets for mobile phones are now used extensively throughout the world, and especially so in countries where mobile phone usage is banned while driving.
•    Desktop printers now use the technology which helps to reduce wire clutter.
•    Intercoms and headsets are now wire free, and make them much more comfortable to use.
•    Most modern cars now have in-built hands free kits so once your mobile phone has been paired you can then access its functions usually via the steering wheel.
•    The transfer of important data such as calendar appointments and reminders is now easy.
•    It can be used as a bridge for Ethernet networks.
•    A lot of infrared controllers now use Bluetooth.
•    You can now purchase a Bluetooth security tag which checks if the mobile you own has been left somewhere or stolen.
•    Advertisers now use it to send data to an advertising hoarding.
•    It is now used in the medical field to send data from a device to a patient’s mobile phone where the information is either recorded, for download later, or is sent directly to the doctor.
•    Communication between mobile phones is now regarded as standard. It is now possible to easily transfer photographs from one person to another.
•    Networking between computers in a small area, that only needs a low level of bandwidth, can use energy efficient Bluetooth.
•    GPS receivers can be used to connect to other devices with Bluetooth.
•    Some traffic control systems now use it.
•    Handheld bar code scanners make good use of Bluetooth technology.

As you can see from the list above, our lives are encased with many devices that use Bluetooth. Without it, the technology that is now so much a part of our lives, may be less advanced. With the list of usage growing each year, Bluetooth will still be in use for years to come.

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