How To Create Your Own Creative Halloween Costumes

Halloween is an event celebrated on the 31 October every year. In earlier days Halloween costumes were more for children but in modern day it is now an event enjoyed by everyone.

Halloween Party. Image credit:

When you want to create your own Halloween costume the best advice is to be as creative as possible.There are various choices to make when choosing a creative Halloween costume. You can decide to buy or hire a costume or you may decide that you can pull off a creation of your own.

Below are a few ideas for you to use on creating the best Halloween costume of 2013.

1. Sexy Jeannie Costume

You will need:
-A bra type top that has fringes on it
– Harem pants in a bold color that you like
-Gold or silver bangles and chandelier type earrings
– Your hair tied up into a high ponytail or make use of a hair piece if your hair is short
– You will need a good looking stomach for this type of look

For your make up you should use long false eyelashes, bright pink lipstick or lip-gloss. Make your eyeliner heavy and wing it out on the edges of your eyelids.

2. Lady Gaga Costume

This is a great choice for an original Halloween costume as Lady Gaga is quiet strange in nature and her type of look fits in well with the Halloween theme.

You will need:
-A mini black dress that is strapless
-2 triangles that have sequined fabric glued over them to place onto the dress
– Blonde wig that is cut into a bob style
– A bow for the wig made out of hair.
You can play around with your make up for this type of look, try using dark eyeliner around the eyelids and shocking eye shadows and bright lipstick.

3. Poison Ivy Costume

This is a wonderful choice for a Halloween costume because you can look great and represent one of the world’s biggest villains of all time.

You will need:
-Choose a green shade such as olive or forest green for your dress and tights
-Red high heels or boots in a darker green color to your outfit
– Elbow length gloves that are the same green shade as the rest of your outfit
– Long red hair, you can either spray paint your own hair or you could wear a wig
To perfect this look you can draw on either veins or ivy leaves on your face around your hairline with a green eyeliner pencil. Use false eyelashes and a deep red lip color.

There are many other super sexy Halloween costumes for you to choose from. Make sure that your costume compliments your figure. Gone are the days of looking as ugly as possible with Halloween costumes, you can now attain a great Halloween look and feel great at the same time. Halloween costumes are easy to make in the comfort of your own home.

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