Selecting Different Birthstones For Jewelry From The Mystical Tradition

There are many legends associated with birthstones. There is a little known mystical tradition with different birthstones for jewelry in each month. These stones are thought to confer special powers on the wearer and are a different from the traditional birthstones.

The Mystical Birthstone. Image source:


The mystical stone for the month of January is the beautiful green emerald which is thought to help memory. The wearer will be content and experience love. They are brittle stones that must be oiled on a regular basis.


The mystical tradition names the emotionally balancing bloodstone as the stone of the month for February. This stone is found worldwide and in many different colors. Native Americans used this stone for tribal ceremonies.


Jade is the mystical jewel for March. It has long been a talisman used for warding off evil spirits and is used by seekers of wisdom. Jade symbolizes a virtuous person.


The ancient opal is the April selection. Most of these stones were created 50 million years ago. Ancient Arabs believed it was formed by lightening and fell from the sky.


Called lapis lazuli in ancient texts, sapphire should grace your loved ones during the month of May. It comes in all colors except for red but the blue sapphire is the most famous. The name is derived from the Persian safir which means ‘beloved of Saturn.’


The opalescent moonstone is the preferred gem for people born in the month of June. Considered a sacred stone in the country of India, it brings good luck to those who wear it. During a full moon, secrets from the future will be revealed.


The ruby is the birthstone for both the traditional and mystical charts for the month of July. The rich red color evokes the warmth of a summer day. It is also the stone for people born under the sign of Cancer.


Diamonds signify wisdom displayed through its many facets for those with birthdays in the month of August. The earth’s magic vibrates through this stone. Seekers of wisdom may be guided.


Agate was prized by the people of the Stone Age and its long history makes it the perfect gift for the September born. It is found with a rough exterior that hides a hidden gem. Polishing and sanding reveal true beauty.


Jewelry made from the mystical birthstone jasper will bring tranquility and health to those born in October. It is a nurturing stone and is used in traditional medicine. When worn during an illness, it will bring healing energy.


The November mystical birthstone for jewelry is the transcendent pearl. This symbol of purity helps the wearer walk through life with dignity. The Christian scholar St. Augustine said that pearls were a symbol of Christ.


The rich black onyx sharpens the wit and provides inspiration to those born in December. It wipes away negative feelings and thoughts. It is often used to treat kidney ailments.

If you noticed, these birthstones are different than the modern birthstone list. This one is more mystical and unique. Dare to be different.



Sparkling Gemstone Jewelry Is Perfect For Any Occasion

Gemstone jewelry with it’s sparkle and shine will accent any outfit and is suitable for any occasion. Humans have treasured gemstones for centuries and their continued popularity is a testament to their universal beauty and value. This article will highlight some of the more popular styles and settings for gemstone jewelry.

Colourful Floral Swarovski Crystal Necklace in White Gold Plating
Colourful Floral Swarovski Crystal Necklace in White Gold Plating

Diamonds are the most popular gemstone. They come in a variety of colors and shades from transparent to purple and even black! Diamond gems are often fitted into settings with other gemstones as accents. A classic setting includes a larger diamond in the middle, flanked by a smaller gemstone on either side. Bands are available in precious metals of gold, silver, platinum and other metals and modern composite metals. For a minimal or classic style, one can select a single diamond on a tasteful band or hang a pendant from a gold chain worn around the neck. These styles never go out of fashion and make for a good investment.

Butterfly & Teardrop Swarovski Crystal Dangling Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver
Butterfly & Teardrop Swarovski Crystal Dangling Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver

Rubies are another perennial favorite used for gemstone jewelry. The sparkling red hues of rubies have captivated us for millennia. Until recent cutting techniques were developed that brought out the beauty of the diamond, it was rubies that were valued most as gemstones, historically.

There are many other gemstones that are well suited for jewelry. Sapphires are commonly blue in color and emeralds tend to be green. Amethyst is purple, as a rule. Opals are a translucent white with pearly accents that glimmer within. Sometimes pearls are considered gemstones even though they are not minerals. A string of pearls has become one of the most essential pieces of jewelry for ladies and is suitable for day or nighttime wear.

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet in Plating Gold
Swarovski Crystal Bracelet in Plating Gold

In all cases there are several factors to consider when buying gemstone jewelry. The cut is important for it determines how light reflects upon the gemstone. Hue or color is important especially when matching jewelry to an outfit. Color saturation refers to the degree of color within a gemstone and stones with high color saturation are considered to be more appealing to the eye. Clarity is yet another aspect to look at in a gemstone. If imperfections are seen in the stone it is said to lack clarity.

18K Gold Plated & Zircon Flower Ring
18K Gold Plated & Zircon Flower Ring

No matter what gemstone you choose, you will need to consider the personality of the wearer when picking the ring, necklace or bracelet for purchase. The occasion in which the piece will be worn is another factor to focus on. There is also the modern consideration of whether to buy a simulated stone. Some are treated to create unique effects. Cost is one major factor and there are many fine quality imitation gemstones on the market for those who do not intend to break the bank.

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Set, Gorgeous Heart Shape Necklace and Earrings
Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Set, Gorgeous Heart Shape Necklace and Earrings

As you can see, gemstones are always in fashion and there is one to suit any personality or occasion. Gemstone jewelry can accent an outfit or mark a special day. With a little forethought and some shopping you will be able to find the right gemstone jewelry for your needs.

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Halloween Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Halloween is a time of witches and ghouls, when the streets come alive with fiends and monsters. It is also a very exciting time for the children as they get ready in their costumes to go trick or treating. In the excitement it can easily be forgotten about the safety of the children.

Halloween Trick or Treating
Halloween Trick or Treating. Image source:

They will be going onto the streets in the dark, in most cases with an adult, but there are still many that will go out in small groups on their own. Young children are not aware of safety issues, as the whole world is something that should be explored. So what safety tips need to be taken on board for Halloween?

There is actually a long list concerning safety aspects on Halloween, and some of them are just as much for adults as well as the children.


• Carving out a face or something else with a pumpkin is a long tradition of Halloween, however as a sharp knife is required, it is always advisable that the adults do this part. The children can use a marker pen to draw a face on the pumpkin that the adult can then cut out for them.
• Although candles are often used inside pumpkins, it is much safer these days to purchase a small LED torch or glow stick from an online auction site. If you are going to use candles, then an adult should be present all of the time.


• As it is usually dark outside when kids go trick or treating, make sure that they have reflective tape on them. This is because most Halloween costumes are dark, and so it is difficult for drivers to see them. By putting reflective tape on them, they will then become visible, and it also adds an extra piece of spookiness to the costume.
• When you are out hiring or purchasing a costume, always make sure that it is fire retardant.
• Always make sure that the children are wearing shoes that fit well, and they can walk in. A lot of accidents are related to footwear.
• Masks are often used, but these can hinder eyesight, so buy a face paint kit and use that instead.
• Ensure that all children are carrying pocket flashlights with new batteries.
• At least one child should be carrying a mobile phone, and be capable of calling 911.

Trick Or Treating

• Always stay on the sidewalk, do not walk on the road.
• An adult should accompany kids under 16 all of the time.
• Plan a route before you leave and stick to it, and show the kids where they will be going.
• A lot of child accidents involve a motor vehicle, so keep tight control of them near roads.
• Only houses with a light on the porch should be visited.
• Make it clear to children that they should never go in a home under any circumstances.

Halloween is a fantastic time for both adults and children, and by following the above tips you are ensuring that the potential for any problems is being kept to a minimum.

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