Not Another XBOX ONE VS PS4 Post

It can be tough to figure out which video game system to purchase. Some people purchase multiple systems just because they cannot make a decision. However, when you invest in a video game system, you also need to purchase games and accessories. It is probably a lot more sensible to just find the best system for your needs and concentrate on it. Compare XBOX ONE VS PS4 game systems so you can pick the right one for your gaming style.

XBOX ONE. Image source:
Playstation 4
Playstation 4. Image source:

The Price of Play Station 4 vs XBox 1

The first thing you might notice is the price of the basic system. An XBox 1 is $499. A PS4 is $399. So you can get started with a PS4 for $100 less. Choosing the new Xbox might free up more cash for accessories and more games. You should also note that you need a paid subscription to Xbox GOLD to get access to many additional features.

Compare Game System Hardware

Also note that both systems include Blueray DVD capabilities. They also both come with 8 GB or RAM and a 500 GB hard drive. The PS4 has a removable hard drive, but the Xbox is fixed inside. Both also come with cloud storage, so everything does not have to be stored on your machine. Both systems also can be played as you download. This means that your game play should not be interrupted as much by waiting for downloads. Both systems are fairly equal when it comes to hardware.

You do not need the Internet to play the PS4 or Xbox One, but you do need it to make the first day update with the Xbox. This could be a deciding factor if you do not have access to the Internet. Access to the Internet will make your system a lot more functional over time if you choose to go with either choice.

The PS4 also offers some nice features for free. But the Xbox gives you paid access to more applications than you can access with the PS4.
You get access to applications like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Game DVR. With the Xbox, you can get paid access through a “gold” membership subscription. The Xbox also gives you paid access to Skype and the NFL application, but the PS4 does not offer this service at all.

Is The XBOX 1 or PS4 Better?

In my opinion, it is a manner of choice. I would advise anybody to test play both systems at a video game store and see what games are on the market. Of course, many games have been developed for both of these popular machines.

Many gamers find the Xbox to be the gaming system of choice. But the PS4 offers many good features. The hardware is nearly identical too. It also seems to work out to be cheaper, both because of the initial price and the free access to subscription applications. Your best choice will really depend upon your budget and preferences.

Here is an interesting Infographic from about the XBOX 1 vs PS4

Infographic: Xbox One vs PS4. Source:
Infographic: Xbox One vs PS4. Source:



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