The Top Five Must Have Iphone Accessories

These days, you can’t just have a simple Iphone. If you’re going to have an Iphone, then you’re going to need some accessories to go with it. But what accessories should you get, and what good will they do you? You may think that there are some accessories you just won’t need, but you may be surprised at how much they will improve your Iphone experience. The following are some of the top Iphone accessories that you should get.

Cases And Slipcovers For Protection And Personal Expression

Incipio Feather Case for iPhone 4/4S
Incipio Feather Case for iPhone 4/4S

The most common Iphone accessories you see are the cases and slipcovers that people put on their phones. Now, the most obvious thing about these cases and covers is that they express the owner’s personality. You can get so many colors and styles that there is bound to be something that makes you happy (and helps you find your phone amongst all the others!) But there is also great functionality involved. These cases help protect your phone from scratches and stains. You can also get screen covers and cleaners that will keep your Iphone screen safe and clean. This is the most recommended accessory.

Ear Buds And Mini-Stereos

NoiseHush NX80 Handsfree
NoiseHush NX80 Handsfree

If you plan on putting any MP3s on your phone, then it’s imperative that you get some ear buds that plug into the slot so you can listen on the go and when other people are around. Conversely, you can also get attachable stereos that let you play music in your room without any cords attached to your head. But if you prefer the better sounds and vivacity of other types of stereos, then you should try out…

Extra Chargers And Docking Stations

OCHO 5000mAh Backup External Battery Pack
OCHO 5000mAh Backup External Battery Pack

We have all been there. Out and about, and suddenly your phone starts to die! We’ve had it happen in a restaurant, in the airport, and even when running errands, and all you want to do is get a hold of your spouse to find out what you forgot at the store. If you have extra chargers to take with you, however, then you never have to worry about that again. You can charge while you are on the go. The same with docking stations. They let you charge and enjoy the contents of your Iphone at the same time.

Straps And Clips

Two-Piece Shell with Holster For iPhone 4
Two-Piece Shell with Holster For iPhone 4

Do you get tired of fishing through your purse or pockets for your phone? Afraid you will sit on it? If you get attachable clips or straps, then you don’t have to worry about this again. Simply clip your phone to your shirt or waist, and you will never lose it! Instant access is the best access!

As you can see, there are many wonderful accessories that you can get for your Iphone. All of these accessories are designed to express your personality while presenting wonderful functionality that will make your life easier. The next time you go accessory shopping, see which one will do the best job for you. You will be amazed how one little (and often inexpensive) accessory will change your everyday life.

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