The Most Important Road Cycling Safety Equipment And Tools You Must Have

Road Cycling
Road Cycling. Image credit:

Road cycling has become incredibly popular in recent years, especially now that people are trying to stop using cars as much while also focusing on getting in shape. The reason road cycling is particular is popular is because the roads are endless: gone are the days when you could only go as far as the end of your street. But with road cycling comes the gear that you need to be safe and have fun. Check out the must have road cycling safety equipment and tools below – odds are, you’re missing something!

Helmets With Elbow And Knee Pads

Sports Cycling Helmet
Sports Cycling Helmet

Cycling Half Finger Gloves
Cycling Half Finger Gloves

It’s cycling 101, and yet it is always worth repeating. Whether you’re a cycling novice or have been doing it for decades, never, ever forget the helmet. Your helmet is often what stands between your skull and the pavement should you tip over or get nudged by a car. That said, you should also always make sure you have elbow and knee pads to keep your precious joints free from injury as well. Don’t worry, wearing safety gear won’t detract from your fun or let anyone make fun of you. Safety is never a laughing matter.

Brightly Colored And Reflective Items

Alongside your helmet and pads, you should also make a habit of wearing brightly colored clothes. These colors include bright, neon shades of yellow, pink, orange, red, and even some greens and blues. Even better if you can slap some reflective stickers on the back of your shirt as well. (While you’re at it, get reflectors for the back and front of your bike!) This makes you as conspicuous as possible to drivers zooming by you, especially if you like to ride as the sun is coming up or going down.

First Aid Kit With Road Flares And Flashlight

Cycling Sweat Suit Jerseys
Cycling Sweat Suit Jerseys

Bicycle Laser 5-LED Tail Light
Bicycle Laser 5-LED Tail Light

In your pack you should definitely keep a small first aid kit in case you get any bumps or scratches on the road. This kit should include gauze, disinfectants, bandages, and anything else you can fit in there. With your first aid kit you should also get road flares in case someone crashes in a ditch or you have to stop to repair your bike. Even if you don’t do much dark traveling, you should still get a flashlight as it will help you make those repairs.

Cell Phone Or Satellite Phone

Cycling Bicycle Front Tube Bag
Cycling Bicycle Front Tube Bag

Most people today have a mobile phone of some kind, and cyclists are no different. If you do most of your riding through populated areas, then having a common cell phone on you should be fine in case of an emergency. But if you are going along mountain roads or even in very rural areas, you may want to invest in a satellite phone that can get coverage anywhere. They are more expensive, but are worth it if you are in a bad situation.

Road cycling is always a grand adventure, but it should never be a dangerous one. By keeping the tools with you above, you will be better equipped for all the challenges ahead!

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