Essential Yoga Equipment Can Help You to Practice This Discipline and Routine

Yoga is a term used for disciplines that allow you to attain a state of equanimity. The practices in Yoga originated in Ancient India and take care of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life. The physical postures of yoga is what the Western world is more familiar with and these make for a complete exercise program that reduces stress and alleviates health problems, while making the body and spine supple. It is a very effective physical therapy routine.

The physical exercises that are part of yoga do need some very elementary items of equipment, even though the ancient practitioners used practically nothing. However, modern human kind is used to certain items that can make the routine of yoga a bit easier.

1. Yoga Clothing

Yoga Clothing
Yoga Clothing. Image credit:

A start has to be made with comfortable clothing as this does help the process of relaxing. Shirts should be such they do not flip while maintaining poses, while pants must be those that do not slip or cling. The cloth should be one that breathes and does not cling to the body if you sweat.

Shoes are never part of yoga, unlike most other physical regimes and can be safely left behind when you go in for a yoga practice session.

2. Yoga Mats

Non Slip Yoga Mat
Non Slip Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are more of an essential for those who are not used to exercises on hard floors. They provide some form of cushion, define space if you are in a group and provide the necessary traction that is necessary for yoga poses.

3. Yoga Straps

 Personal Health & Fitness Yoga Set in Blue
Personal Health & Fitness Yoga Set in Blue

When you are a beginner, you may find it difficult to hold stretches for long periods. Here is where straps help out the beginner and allow you to easily hold on to a stretched position.

4. Yoga Blankets

Premium Non Slip Yoga Towels
Premium Non Slip Yoga Towels

Blankets can be useful to elevate certain portions of the body or help you to prop up the body. They can be of great help when you are winding down and relaxing, at the end of every session, and find the room chilly. Just like blankets, certain blocks are available that can help to maintain certain yoga positions. They are ideal for some of the sitting and standing poses. They come in different materials and you should buy those that you are comfortable with. Besides providing comfort, blocks and blankets can help you to improve your alignment.

5. Yoga Socks

Socks worn during yoga can help you to maintain traction, besides the warmth they bring during winter months.

6. Yoga Bags

Yoga Mat Bag, Made with Waterproof Nylon
Yoga Mat Bag, Made with Waterproof Nylon

And then lastly, you do need a kit bag to keep all your yoga equipment in one place, while you come to the classes or are returning home from them. If you are practicing in your own home, these bags can help you to keep all the equipment in one place, so that it is easily available when needed.

The popularity of yoga has led to many suppliers being familiar with the requirements, and most of them will be glad to provide you with a beginner’s kit, if you ask for it.

7. Yoga Music

Practicing on your own, may also require you to put on some sort of yoga music, which you can easily find over the internet or in the yoga stores. This music allows you to focus your mind, and help in relaxation and reducing tension. If you are attending classes, it is almost definite that such music will be playing at all times while you go through your yoga exercises.

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