Stay on Top of the Sunglasses Design Trends for 2013

A good pair of sunglasses will always update one’s look. These frames will turn your outfit from common to sophisticated. It’s important to keep up with sunglasses trends for the year 2013. Now, more than ever, big name designers are incorporating sunglasses into their collections. These sought after frames can cost hundreds of dollars. One or two pairs of trendy frames are enough to keep you in style for the whole year. Take your pick from this year’s trendsetting pairs.


Retro Style Black PC Frame Gray PC Lens Sunglasses
Retro Style Black PC Frame Gray PC Lens Sunglasses

Go rectangular, square or circle this 2013. The biggest trends in sunglasses today are frames with more geometric shapes. Traditional square or rectangle frames are in once again while circle frames are making a big splash in the runways. You can even match your frames to your outfit by putting on geometric prints or cuts.


 Military Pilot Aviator Sunglasses
Military Pilot Aviator Sunglasses

Thought the minimalist look can go simple, designers are taking it a step forward by playing with lenses. While the frames may be thin wires or barely-there plastic, lenses are becoming the stars of the show.  Colors, mirrors, gradients are all being placed on the once plain sunglasses lens. With a low-key pair, you can go more adventurous with your outfit. Go for complicated prints or eye-popping silhouettes.


Nickel Alloy Frame Brown PC Lens Sunglasses
Nickel Alloy Frame Brown PC Lens Sunglasses

Don’t throw away your grandparents’ old pairs because classic frames are back. Aviators, wayfarers and other classic styles remain a staple in the fashion world. Tweaking it with a bit of color or an unusual print can give your old frames a new life. Try going modern by painting your old sunglasses a different color or playing with patterns on the frames. Experiment with vintage style and grab a bomber jacket or mod skirt.


Purple Red Thin-patterned Temples Toad Sunglasses
Purple Red Thin-patterned Temples Toad Sunglasses

Both men and women can enjoy this sunglasses trend for this 2013. An oversized pair of sunglasses can be both fashionable and functional. Big frames can shield your eyes and part of your face from the heat of the sun. At the same time, you can stroll around confident that you’re still very much on trend. With big glasses, opt to keep your outfit simple and tailored. You can also keep it bohemian with billowy fabrics and comfortable styles.

White Frames

Outdoors Biking Sunglasses
Outdoors Biking Sunglasses

For a more casual look, you can try your hand at pairing white frames with jeans and a T-shirt. This funky twist on the sunglasses gives it a modern and fresh look. Again, both men and women can carry this style, provided it’s paired with an equally airy and light ensemble. Put on a pair during the summer months and get ready for a fun and adventurous day.

You can never go wrong with a cool pair of sunglasses. Whether you’re walking down the street or heading to the beach, good frames will always keep you stylish. Remember not to throw away a solid pair when the season ends. Trends tend to cycle around after a few years. You never know when your trusty frames will be in season again. Just make sure to rock your sunglasses with attitude and confidence. With the right outlook, you can’t go amiss.

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