Lower Your Electric Bill With 5 Energy Saving Tips For Home Electronics

Summer is now in full swing, and for most of us that means it’s time for back yard BBQ’s, afternoons at the pool and other out side activities that can only be enjoyed in summer time.

The down side of summer is the inevitable rise in your electric bill because of the heat! The hot, summer weather means that you’ll be running the AC on high, if you are lucky enough to have one, and if you don’t have an AC, you’ll be running fans, swamp coolers and ice cream makers in an attempt to cool off!

If you dread your upcoming electric bill, have no fear, 5 energy saving tips for your home electronics is here! Without further ado, here you go, in random order.

Energy Saving Tip #1

Unplug electronics that you aren’t using. It’s a little known fact that all of your home electronics consume a small amount of electricity, even when you aren’t using them. The simple act of unplugging a television can lower your energy consumption and thus, lower your bill. This is especially important when you are going away for a long weekend or summer vacation. No sense in wasting energy when you aren’t even home!

Energy Saving Tip #2

Switch to LED light bulbs. This tip alone reduced my monthly bill so much the first month that I promptly went out and replaced ALL of my light bulbs with the low consuming, LED variety. The secret is to buy light bulbs that put out a ‘warm’ light, this way you avoid the nasty, unnatural light that these bulbs are known for. With warm light, you’ll never in notice the difference, except when it’s time to pay the bill.

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Energy Saving Tip #3

Program your AC to stay at a set temperature. Don’t fall for the energy trap of lowering the temperature a few degree in order to kick the AC on when its super hot! Be comfortable with the temperature set, and kept, at a steady 75°F. If you still feel uncomfortable, install a ceiling fan for air circulation when you are in the room, just be sure to turn it off when you aren’t in the room.

Energy Saving Tip #4

Use batteries in your home electronics as much as possible. Many of your small electronics, like night stand alarm clocks, can run off of small batteries, thus saving energy. As a small plus, if the electric ever goes off, you won’t have to reset your clock!

Energy Saving Tip #5

Use a clothes line to dry your clothes, instead of your dryer. This may be a bit more time consuming, but nothing beats sheets that have dried naturally out in the summer sun shine! Even if you only air dry a few loads of laundry each week, you’ll be lowering the amount of energy that you pay for.

Well, there you have it, 5 energy saving tips for your home electronics!

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