Tips For Combining Your Outfits With The Right Accessories

Some people have a lot of accessories and don’t know how to use them with their favorite outfits. Other people have lots of outfits and would like to know how to properly accessorize them. In reality, learning how to accessorize your favorite outfits can be considered an art form. If you’re having issues figuring out where to begin, read on to get some great tips.

Consider Your Tastes First And Foremost

Before getting other tips, you must consider your own tastes. If your tastes are loud and proud, or small and demure, then going against that may not always be the best idea even if that’s what’s suggested. Only you can have the final say on what you think about your outfit. This also holds true for materials and colors. Allergies may also play a part, if you are allergic to certain metals or stones in jewelry.

Pink Rose Jewelry Set
Pink Rose Jewelry Set

See What’s Missing From Your Outfit

Most outfits without accessories feel like they have something “missing.” What that is can only be figured by your own intuition. Usually, strapless outfits look great with necklaces to fill the void, so to speak. Dark, solid outfits can usually use some jewelry as well. On the flipside, you may not want to use jewelry with loud-colored outfits. Instead you can wear matching hair accessories.

Turquoise & Crystal Beading Link Necklace
Turquoise & Crystal Beading Link Necklace

Think About Your Favorite Accessories To Wear

Not every person has pierced ears, and likewise not every person can wear dangling bracelets or rings to work. If you have long hair, you’re probably familiar with headbands, bows, and clips. These can all play a beautiful part in your outfit. Don’t forget some of the more uncommon accessories, either. Anklets, belts, and even shoes and purses and be used to complete your outfit.

Purple Rhinestone Flower Brooch
Purple Rhinestone Flower Brooch

Complement Your Colors

One of the easiest things to get wrong when accessorizing your outfit is clashing colors. Just like you probably wouldn’t wear a neon green top with bright orange pants, you don’t want to have your accessories clash with your outfit. Black outfits and white outfits are often seen as “blank canvases” when it comes to accessorizing. You can use just about any theme with them. However, brightly colored outfits are best worn with barely-there accessories, or accessories that blend in nicely with the colors. For example, if you’re wearing a yellow top, you would probably either wear a purple necklace – yellow’s complementary color – or a black or dark gold necklace. Be careful with matching certain colors, such as orange and black or red or green. They tend to incite comments about certain holidays, so unless it is that holiday you may be in for the wrong kind of comments.

Crystal Murano Lampwork Heart
Crystal Murano Lampwork Heart

Most Of All, Be You

At the end of the day, if you don’t like the outfit you’ve put together, then it’s probably not the outfit for you. Even the craziest outfits, accessories included, can look amazing if they match your personality and the rest of your body. Be yourself and let your style shine through!

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