The Importance of Home Security Systems

Realizing the importance of home security systems cannot be over emphasized, as there are burglaries of people’s homes every 15 seconds today in America. That seems like an astounding statistic, but it is true, nevertheless.

Most of the break-ins occur by the perpetrator kicking in the front door, and the burglar is in and out of the house within 5 to 7 minutes with an average haul, of around $2,200 in loot. Of course, in most cases the burglar has studied the home and determined that no one is home during the day, and it is situated so that neighbors wouldn’t notice or they are away themselves. Most of this type of activity can be thwarted by a heavy dead bolt and doorframe combination.

Home Security Systems
GSM Wireless Home Security System

A sophisticated home security system can deter up to 90% of home burglaries simply by making it too difficult or time consuming to counter the security system. Today, it is possible for the homeowner to install a system himself. Components can be purchased from specialty shops, electronics stores and big box stores. Since most of the modern systems are now wireless, there is no need to have to hook up complex electrical connections that used to be necessary.

In addition to setting up the front door properly, and any other doors on the property as well, sensors can be placed on all the windows, cameras can be placed strategically focusing on entrance points to the property, labels placed on all doors and windows, warning intruders that a security system is in place, and motion and infrared detectors can be strategically placed. It is a good idea to have the cameras hidden or disguised, and install fake cameras, so the intruder can’t spray paint over the real ones.

Infra Red Night Vision Security Camera
Infra Red Night Vision Security Camera

A loud, ear splitting alarm that sounds when any of these barriers is breached, will scare off most burglars, because they will not like the attention that the noise brings. Also they do not know for sure if the alarm is hooked up to the local police department or not. It is not recommended to have the system connected to the police, because you do not want the local authorities paying a visit every time there is a false alarm.

With today’s technology, you can have everything patched into your smartphone, so you can be alerted if there is a breach while you are away, and you can call the police yourself if you see Mr. Burglar on the video that your camera just picked up. It is good to have a monitor in a room in the house, so if you are at home when the alarm goes off you can have a visual ID that way as well.


Many times just having labels on the lawn stating that your home is protected by XYZ alarm systems is enough to convince the burglar to move on. When he hears the alarm siren go off that will double convince him. The real strategy is simply to convince the burglar that it is not worth the trouble for him to even attempt a break-in.

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