Women’s Gladiator Sandals Are Perfect For The Summer

If you are looking for stylish shoes to wear this summer, skip the flip flops. Instead, look at gladiator sandals. They come in many different styles and colors, and can be dressed up or down, depending on what you wear with them. This article will offer you advice on choosing the best pair of women’s gladiator shoes for your needs.

Celebrity Gladiator Sandals
Image Credit: http://shopaholic-haute-stuff.blogspot.com/

Dressy Gladiator Shoes

Gladiator shoes go well with dresses and skirts. You can get shoes that accentuate your outfit. If your dress has multiple colors in it, choose a color from your dress that isn’t overly obvious. For example, if your dress has large red hibiscus flowers on it, and the flowers have small yellow stamens on them, you could try to match your shoes by finding a yellow pair of sandals. This would bring attention to a part of your dress that doesn’t stand out too much.

You could also match your shoes to your jewelry. Dressy gladiator shoes made from a metallic material will work perfectly for this. If you love to wear silver, choose silver colored sandals. Likewise, if you prefer gold or bronze, find sandals made from those colors. Metallic colored shoes just naturally look dressier than most other colors.

Women Gladiaator Sandal
Qupid Gladiator Mid Calf Flat Sandal

Knee High Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals are arguably the most versatile type of sandal. Most styles come up over the ankle, but some gladiator sandals have straps that go all the way up the leg. This style of sandal ads a very and playful look to whatever yo are wearing. You can wear knee high sandals with shorts, or skirts of just about any length. However, you might as well wear them with a skirt that is short enough to show off this fashionable sandal. Why hide them? Show them off!

Some knee high gladiator sandals are more like a cross between a boot and a sandal. The part that covers the back of the leg does just that – covers the leg completely. The front, however, does not. The front will be some type of variation on the strappy look that is so common with women’s gladiator sandals. Just as with the knee high style mentioned above, the hybrid version of this style can be worn with shorts, dresses, or skirts.

Gladiator Sandals Are Comfortable

Some women are surprised to learn that this style of sandal is very comfortable to wear. They seem to assume that they will have to sacrifice comfort for fashion, but a well made pair of gladiator shoes are just as comfortable as any other type of sandal.

Choosing The Right Size

Sandals often come in full sizes, not half sizes. If you usually wear a half size, such as 8.5, then go up to the next size, not down. In the above example, go to the size 9.

Women Gladiator Sandal Meritline
Soda Gladiator Flat Sandal

This summer you can keep your feet cool while wearing the latest in shoe fashions. Gladiator sandals are not only fun to wear, but are versatile enough to be worn with almost any outfit you want to match them with.

Check out Meritline.com for more Women’s Gladiator Sandals.



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