How To Connect Your Laptop To Your TV With HDMI and RCA Cables!

Have you ever wanted to watch your favorite media on your big screen television? Well it’s a lot easier to do than you might realize. In fact, we’re going to break down how you can watch anything that you’ve downloaded on T.V. into some very easy to follow steps. Thanks to the internet it’s never been easier to watch so many different kinds of entertainment. So there’s no reason that you should be restricted to a tiny laptop screen. Even if you don’t know the difference between HDMI or USB you’ll be able to this. So let’s get started!


These days most laptops and digital devices have an HDMI port. In fact, they may also include an HDMI cable with the accessories that you computer came with. The HDMI port is a 19-pinhole port that is shaped like a trapezoid. On most devices it’s located on the side of the computer. In fact, many models also label that port so that you can easily locate it. The good news is that most Televisions also come with an HDMI port. That means its relatively easy to connect your laptop to your television!

HDMI Cable
HDMI Cable

Step 1 – Connect The Laptop To Your Television

Take your HDMI cable and plug it into your laptop. Next take the other end of your cable and connect it to your televisions matching port. This is the easiest part and should only take a few  seconds.

Step 2 – Make Adjustments To Your Laptop settings.

The next thing you will need to do is to make some minor adjustments to your laptop settings. Don’t worry these are very easy and your laptop is actually made to do this. On a Windows laptop open the “Control Panel”. Next click on Adjust Screen Resolution. Windows should locate your TV and present it as video output option. Just click on it and then select “Extend the Desktop to this monitor”. Now finally, click apply. Viola! Your windows desktop should now appear on your television monitor!

(* Tip – If this doesn’t work then press the FN (Function) key while pressing F8. This should automatically toggle your Windows desktop to your Television screen).

What If I My Television (or Laptop) Doesn’t Have An HDMI Port?

RCA Cable
RCA Cable

Older electronic devices may not have an HDMI port, but should have whats called a VGA (Video Graphics Array) port. In fact most older televisions have this VGA port located in the back. Unlike the HDMI port VGA will only transmit video signals.  So you will need to have 3.5mm Stero-to-phono audio cables as well as a VGA cable.  After you hook up the VGA cable, look for the two stereo connections. These should be located on the back of your TV set. They are usually red and white connectors that may be labeled “RCA“. Using your 3.5mm audio cables connect your laptops audio output to your TV’s stereo input!

Stop Reading And Get Started!

As you can see it really is very easy to watch your favorite videos and movies on your Television. There are also other options including wireless and USB connections. Check with your local electronics store and find out what the best option may be for you!

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How To Take Proper Care Of Your Wedding Dress

When you get married, that day is supposed to stay fresh in your mind for the rest of your life. Even though the day is over, physical and mental mementos will keep the memory alive for as long as possible. One important part of this is holding on to your wedding dress. If you want it to last as long as your recollection of that beautiful day, you should follow the tips here.

Wedding Gown Storage Box
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Having Your Gown Cleaned

The first thing you should do after the wedding is make arrangements to have the wedding dress cleaned. This does not mean that you need to take it off directly after the ceremony and haul it to the cleaners. There is nothing wrong with waiting until you return from your honeymoon. Either way, it is important that it is perfectly clean before you put it away for safekeeping. The only time you should rush to have it cleaned is if something was spilled on it during the reception.

The Proper Container Is Vital

The dress will need to be placed into a box. Some people think it is a good idea to place it on a hanger like everything else in their closets, but this is a huge mistake. It should be folded and placed inside a box. The way you fold it needs to be pretty specific. You need to make sure that there will be no creases in it at any time. Most people take the dress out yearly to fold it a different way then it was folded originally. This is an additional safeguard against unwanted creases.

Wrap It In Acid-Free Paper

Place tissue paper between all of the folds on the wedding dress. Most dresses have been adorned with things like sequins and beads. Placing the tissue paper in between the layers will prevent any of the fabric from being snagged or otherwise damaged. It is vital that you use paper that is marked as being acid-free. You must get this type since regular tissue paper has the tendency to become yellow as time passes and it can cause a lot of damage to the fabric of the dress.

Be Careful Of Where You Store It

You need to be very careful about the placement of the boxed wedding dress. If you place the box somewhere that is humid, hot and sunny, this will create an environment that is very damaging. The best thing to do is to place it in a cool dry place. Under your bed or high on a closet shelf are ideal places for storage.

Wedding Gown White Preservation

There are women all over the world that save their wedding dresses. Many of them do not have the type of information available to them that you have, and as a result their dresses end up badly damaged over time. Whether you intend to save your dress as a memento or give it to someone else to wear on their special day, the tips here will keep it in excellent condition.

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Mixing And Matching Patterns And Colors Is Easy With A Few Basic Guidelines

Long gone are the days when stylish girls and guys felt that every item of clothing had to match to be acceptable. Today, people in all walks of life are enjoying adding, flair, personality and individuality to their outfits with creative mixing and matching. In this article, we will discuss a few guidelines to help you learn to choose just the right color and pattern combinations to create your own unique look.

mix Pattern Fashion
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Successfully combine an number of patterns within the same color family
One way to successfully mix colors and patterns is to choose colors that all come from within the same color family. By choosing a variety of patterns in similar shades, you can show a little flair while still matching, after a fashion. Say you choose a variety of patterns in rust, brown, black and beige with just a few highlights of green. You can pick up that green with your accessories for a very coordinated, yet one-of-a-kind appearance.

Use solids or treat fine prints as if they were actually solid colors

It is perfectly alright to add solids to the mix. You can get away with a lot of bold mixing if you separate your patterned pieces with a color coordinated garment in a solid fabric. For example, you might wear a brightly patterned scarf, a coordinated matching blouse and slacks, skirt or other lower garment in a completely different pattern that picks up some or all of the colors of the scarf.

An easy way to combine patterns with more contrasting colors is to handle fine prints as if they were solid colors. This is easy to do. Where in the past, you might have had solid slacks or skirt and a patterned shirt or blouse, today you would choose a smaller print for the slacks or skirt and a more bold print in a coordinating color for the shirt or blouse. Pick up subtle colors from your patterns by adding belts, scarves, bags and shoes in coordinating colors.

Bold prints are easier to combine than you think

You can also mix bolder prints if you take care to choose prints that blend pleasingly to the eye. For example, you might juxtapose bold stripes with a smaller floral or polka dots in coordinating or complementary colors. A variation on polka dots is leopard spots, which complement stripes surprisingly well.

Avoid doing an entire outfit in one bold pattern. This can be very overwhelming. Instead, match your colors precisely, but choose differing patterns. For example you might choose a small floral print in your dress with a larger geometric print of precisely matching colors for your wrap. Alternately, you might mix two colors of identical print for a matched, yet varied appearance.

Matching accessories can help very different patterns and colors combine well.

Match your accessories, such as belt, shoes, bag and scarf, in solid, neutral tones to help you coordinate an outfit of mixed patterns and colors. The key is to have the color found in the accessories appear in each of the patterns. This technique breaks up the visual space to avoid a clashing appearance. The recurrence of the base color draws the outfit together and helps even very different patterns work quite well together.

Combine with care

Mixing, matching and coordinating patterns and colors to create a look that is uniquely your own can be a lot of fun. It can also be a disaster! The key is to take some time to choose patterns that complement each other, make good use of small prints and solid colors and choose your accessories well. Assemble your outfits well in advance so that you can examine them critically and make adjustments before appearing in public. With a little practice, you will soon be dressing in colors and patterns to create your own signature look.

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