The Awesome Guide To Father’s Day Gifts

When it comes to father’s day (June 16, 2013), many people have no idea what to buy their dads. It is easy to pick up a tie or a bottle of cologne, but it would show dad you care if you were a bit more creative. Here are several things you can get him that he will absolutely love.

1. The Grill Master

If your dad is very fond of cooking on the grill, you could try buying him a grilling set. Most of these sets include a grilling fork, tongs, a spatula, a basting brush and several skewers. Do some research before making your purchase since there are several companies that will allow you to personalize the carrying case with dad’s name.

BBQ Grill
2. The Sleepy Head

Every man loves a pair of cotton pajamas. They are comfortable and very durable. Find some in a color that complements dad and he will love you forever. Do not buy any that are too cheap because they will fall apart and/or get warped when you wash them.

Daddy Pajamas

3. The Stylish Daddy

While it may be tempting to buy your dad a wallet, why not buy him something that is a bit more refined. A personalized money clip is one thing he should be able to appreciate. It is not as versatile or popular as a wallet, so your father will know that you went the extra mile to get him something different.

$100 Bill Wallet
4. The Gadget Geek

If your father is the owner of a ton of electronics, think about buying him some accessories for them. For example, if he owns an iPad, you can buy him a nice carrying case. When choosing a design, make sure that you buy something that fits his personality.

IPad Cases
5. The Homer Simpson

Does your dad have a drink every day after work? If so, you should surprise him with some beer steins or wine glasses. Since this is something he does often, this would be a gift that he would use a lot of the time. It won’t collect dust in the closet with all of those things he doesn’t want.

Skull Bottle and Cup
6. The Number One Fan

Number One Fans

Are you aware of any upcoming events that your father is dying to attend? Maybe he would appreciate tickets to a sporting event or seats in the stands during a home game. Whatever his pleasure is, buy him a couple of seats. Make sure to buy two tickets so he will not have to go alone.

7. The Simple Dad

Gift Card

If all else fails, you can always buy your father a gift card to one of his favorite stores. This is not the most original idea in the world, but it will eliminate the chances of you selecting something that he doesn’t like. Don’t worry about him thinking you didn’t care enough to be original. The fact that you are giving him free money to buy something he likes will be enough of a gift for him and don’t forget to remind him to check out Meritline’s Daily Deals.

It is not always easy to select a gift for special occasions, but finding one to show your dad you love and appreciate him is especially hard. Hopefully you will know exactly what to get him after reading this.



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