Boot Styles You Should Have Your Closet: An Essential Guide

If you’re a fashion-forward woman, you probably own a pair of boots or ten. Trends change quickly, however, and you want to have boots that will wow your friends and maximize your chances with the guys. Here is a rundown of some boot styles you should have in your closet this season.

Women's Boots
Low-Heeled Boots

Low-heeled boots, which are also called Chelsea boots or Beatle boots. are a favorite of women because they are easy to wear and versatile. These boots typically have heels that are no higher than about 5″. They might have a simple zipper on the back, but they are usually not fancy.

Tall Boots With Low Heels

This type of boot works well with many kinds of clothing, including dresses, leggings and skirts. They are perfect for informal and semi-formal occasions. This boot style tends to be less affected by trends, so if you buy a pair now, you are likely to be able to wear them for years to come. Suggested colors include black and brown.

High-Heeled Dress Boots

You probably need a pair of boots for work, and this type of boot is likely to fit the bill. This type of boot has a moderately high heel and is generally made in conservative black leather or an imitation thereof. These knee-high boots probably won’t turn any heads at the club, but if you go to more formal functions on a regular basis, you’re going to want a pair of these in your fashion lineup.

Wedge-Heeled Dress Boots

This type of boot is a bit more trendy than the high-heeled dress boots described above. They are moderately tall (knee-length) and have relatively low heels. They usually measure about three inches. These boots are perfect for nights at the theater or at the club.

Over-the-knee Tall Boots

These boots are so tall that they will definitely get attention. They are totally inappropriate for any work environment and probably most other semi-formal or formal environments, as well. They are, however, sexy enough that you’ll probably want to wear them anytime you go out to the club or go on a date with that special someone. You can get over-the-knee boots in high- or low-heeled versions, so don’t fret if you hate high heels.

Slouchy Suede Boots

These boots give off a different atmosphere than the boot styles described above. They are reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes and other literary heroes from times past. They are usually made of suede or some other flexible material so they move a bit as you walk. They’re probably not appropriate for work, but they’ll make any casual outfit stand out from the crowd.

Brown Boots For Women
Click over to to buy some new women’s boots, remember that there are many different boot styles to choose from. Whether you want to look businesslike, trendy or a little bit out of the ordinary, there is definitely a boot style that will meet your fashion needs.



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