5 Prom Dresses Under $100

Prom period has almost arrived and the main concern of most of you right now probably is: what am I going to wear? Everyone dreams about prom, about the moment when your date will come and pick you up from home, the instant when you will enter the ballroom and be stunned by the decorations, the dances and the food. It comes without saying that on these occasions your main priority is to look absolutely gorgeous and have fun, because when you feel beautiful and confident the night turns immediately into an unforgettable moment that you will treasure for a lifetime!

There are many different designs to choose from for your gown, you could go for long or short prom dresses, red, pink or blue prom dresses… it all depends on your body shape, your taste and how you think you can rework the dress for some other occasion! Here are 5 stunning prom dresses, all different from one another, for less than $100! Which is your favorite one?

The classic chiffon gown


A simple hourglass silhouette with a precious detail on the neckline. The wow-factor of this dress lies in the detailing of the upper part that will make you shine like a star.

Also the customers agree and they are all satisfied with the gown. “Beautiful dress! I am so happy with my order. I will wear the dress always!” and “Great quality – absolutely gorgeous!” are common reviews about the dress.

This dress is a timeless classic and this makes it perfect for many occasions, from prom, to a formal ceremony (such as a black-tie wedding) to an elegant evening out.

Avoid wearing it with a necklace, as the neckline is already enough embellished. Go instead for bracelets and earrings to give it the extra sparkle.

Price: $95.19
Store: Tide Buy

The ethereal princess


 A show-stopping Meritline evening gown that is red carpet worthy. The sweetheart neckline makes it sensual but not excessive and the tight waistline will suit every body shape. This eye-catching light blue prom dress has a sensual slit that will make you look irresistible. It is surprising that this gown is only for $99.

This evening gown is perfect for prom but also for a wedding, a ceremony or an elegant date.

Go for an elegant choker but do not exaggerate: the waistline detailing is already a great embellishment. Add a pair of small earrings, a bracelet and of course some high-heels, preferably nude pumps or precious sandals.

Price: $99
Store: Meritline

The flirty girl


Who said that you should only wear long gowns at prom? Short prom dresses can be as fabulous and sophisticated as their longer versions. This in particular is a fab example of a great and simple short prom dress. The wrap silhouette with the one shoulder neckline make this cocktail dress a perfect flirty solution for a prom, an important event or a night out in the city.

Wear it with a pair of metallic sandals and a statement pair of earring and you will feel at the centre of attention the whole night.

Price: $64.99
Store: 6 PM

The Greek goddess


Feel like a goddess with this empire waist gown. You will not pass unnoticed with this stunning wine color and your sexy shoulders exposed. The regal flare of this gown makes it great for any evening event in which you want to feel like a princess. Also customers say that it is “very flattering” and “Better than I imagined it would be”.

Go for an elegant statement necklace and some sparkly earrings to go with it.

Price: $69.99
Store: Target


Another stunning blue gown because, as the French say: “bleau est la couleur de la nuit” (Translated: blue is the color of night). Blue prom dresses are simply so refined and this time we see it in a shorter version. As I have mentioned, short prom dresses are super flirty and can be as perfect for prom as the long ones. The plus side is also that you can rework them for so many occasions, like a chic night out or a drink with friends in a new fashionable club.

Wear it with sandals and sparkly, eye-catching jewels

Price: $74.79
Store: Tide Buy

Guest Author Bio:

Stephanie is a fashion consultant and stylist. She is now working as the editor of So Vain, which she founded. She is also a writer and blogger for Promo Code 4 Share blog and many online/printed magazines.


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