The Men’s Guide To Different Lingerie Styles

Walking into a lingerie shop can by overwhelming for any husband or significant other. Many men walk in intending to buy something for their other half and get so embarrassed that they walk out not buying anything or worse, buying something in the wrong size.

Women's Red Lingerie

Floral Lace Backless Deep V Cap Sleeve Teddy

Our guide will help you to understand the difference between a bra and a shelf (actually they are a term for the same item, just a different word which can of course, be confusing).

What is the difference between a negligee and a nightgown or a gown?

Quite simply put, nothing. Specialy shops tend to use the term negligee and charge a bit more for the sheer fabric that will wrap her in luxury on her wedding night. The same item in a department store may be referred to as a nightgown. It may or may not be of sheer fabric. Something a bit more fancy in the department store may also be referred to as a gown. Either way, they all are basically the same item. Some are made from flannel (warm for winter months or camping) while others are made from fluffy or sheer fabric designed for her man’s enjoyment.

What is the difference between a teddy and a one piece outfit?

Not much. A teddy is exactly that, a one piece outfit usually with spaghetti straps and often with peek a boo cut outs or strategically placed bits of lace. Generally they cover the upper portion of the body and snap at the crotch area. Some come with garter straps sewn on while others may have a separate garter that isn’t attached.

Stockings, nylons or thigh highs?

Thigh highs have an elastic band at the thigh area that will keep them up on the leg without the use of a garter (although many women prefer to wear a garter belt to be more sexy or to keep them from slipping out of place).

Stockings and nylons are the same thing except that they don’t have the elastic at the top. Instead, they have a doubled bit of the fabric which is perfect to hook the garter into. Stockings, nylons and thigh highs are usually sheer to very sheer.

Tights and panty hose are similar to the above except that they have a panty built into them. Tights are usually made of a warmer material and heavier. Both can come in control top styles.

What Are The Popular Colors?

Now for color choices. Most of the above come in a wide array of color choices. Some of them have subtle nuances that may make them appear the same color in some lighting, but not in other lighting.

Many men have a favorite color like black or red. If buying and ensemble (outfit) for your sweetheart, make sure to buy the same colors and be sure to purchase in her size.

Women Black Lingerie

Sexy Lingerie Lace Trim Hanging Neck Lycra Slip

What Is The Size?

If you are unsure of her size, see if you can find out her bra size (located on a tag in her bra) and dress size (again, located on tag in her dress). Give this information to any sales person and you should be good to go on your purchase.

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