Beach Weddings – Planning The Most Memorable Day Of Your Life

Your wedding day is probably one of the few moments in your life you will remember forever, like your first kiss, the day you got got your drivers license, feeling like an adult at 18 and of course meeting that special person you fell eternally in love with. The moment your significant other made that commitment to you to live the rest of your days together, a feeling of immense joy instantly overcame you and probably soon after the panic of having to plan a wedding settled in.

Beach Wedding
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For some women, they have had all the plans laid out even before this time has occurred or a mother who has given you more than a few hints over the years has actually been helpful despite what you thought was constant nagging. A beach wedding immediately comes to mind when one thinks of a romantic wedding day but is it actually practical for most couples and their loved ones? In this article, we’ll briefly discuss some beach wedding ideas and the benefits of planning one out.

First of all, let’s get something out in the clear. Although beach weddings play part of being the back drop of the most romantic of destination wedding locations, the reasons for holding one for a few brides may be to minimize the amount of guests one knows may not make it due to timing or just the inability to afford the trip thus an assumed savings in costs. While holding a wedding on a beach many times does cost much less than reserving a banquet hall, which depending on the amount of guests one has could cost on average 20 thousand dollars, the traveling costs and hotel rooms for your guests could end up equaling this amount. Planning is most important, especially for destination weddings in achieving the dream one you’ve always wanted.

What if you’re short on ideas? When is the event happening? In the summer or during the winter time? What is your budget and are you receiving any help from family members? Depending on the answers to these questions will greatly effect your choices. The instant thought that comes to mind when it comes to beach weddings is to hold it in an exotic location such as Bali or Thailand, good choices because of the pricing as well as the plethora of wedding services in the local area to assist you in planning.

Beach weddings don’t actually have to happen on sand as one would think. How about beaches laden with stones and rocks? Holding your wedding along the stone cliffs with the ocean beating against them would be something to remember. Beach docks can also be set up to be just as romantic. One just has to use some imagination to plan that unique and beautiful affair you’ve always dreamed of.

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As you can see, a beach wedding can be simple and planning things out such as the theme which for beach weddings would normally be less formal, will surely guide you in the right direction. No matter what location you end up choosing, a beach wedding will always be memorable for you and your guests.



One thought on “Beach Weddings – Planning The Most Memorable Day Of Your Life

  1. Pretty Little Beauty Blog May 3, 2013 / 9:22 pm

    Although I’m not planning on having a beach wedding I think they are brilliant. Saving all of that money and having a fantastic vacation is the best thing you could do.


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