What Is A Blank DVD?

A blank DVD is a disc which does not have any files saved to it. Imagine a music CD with no music! Blank DVDs are for people to write their own content onto. There are many different manufacturers of DVDs, the main 4 being Sony, Toshiba, Philips and Panasonic.


There are many reasons you may want to write content onto a DVD. Here are some examples:

Backing up your documents is important to do regularly. However, with the size of the average hard drive increasing, it is often a lengthy process. Backing up onto CDs is fine for small such as Word documents, profile configuration files, and emails. If you need to backup large directories or files you may choose to write the files to a DVD. To do this you will need a blank DVD and a DVD writer.

There are many other reasons to write content to a DVD. One example would be in order to transfer files between devices. This could be useful if you are trying to move directories or large files from one computer to another – where sending it via the internet would not be applicable, such as if one or both of the computers does not have an internet connection, or if your internet connection has a data transfer limit. The computer with the DVD writer would be able to write the files to a disc, which can then be inserted into the other computer’s (or laptop’s) DVD reader.

You may also wish to write to a DVD in order to make your own music compilation disc for yourself or to give to a friend.

In order to write to a blank DVD, you would first need to insert the blank DVD into your computer and wait for the option “Open folder to view files” appears. Click on this option to open the DVD in Windows Explorer. Next, select which files are to be copied onto the DVD, then drag them across into the DVD directory (if you are using Windows). You may then be presented with the option to write as a music CD instead of a standard data disc, depending on the type of files you have tried to transfer.

As well as being able to copy the files onto the DVD using the standard Windows Explorer, you can also use DVD writing software. There are many options when choosing which DVD writing software to use, but there are many free DVD writers available which will be sufficient for standard use. It is likely that your DVD writer would have also come with its own software or recommended software.

Blank DVDs come in packs of various sizes. Usually in packs of 5, 10, 20 and 50. It is often more cost effective to buy many at a time (such as the pack of 50) as the price decreases based upon the bulk of the order. It is often wise to buy more blank DVDs than you think you need – you never know when you will need to backup or move documents from your computer.


There are many other uses of blank DVDs that have not been covered here – such as writing DVD movies to a disc, or saving applications. However, the process is similar to creating data or music discs, and usually explained by the software’s disc writing wizard.

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