Camera Phone Convenience or Separate Camera Picture Quality – Are Cameras Obsolete?

The fact is that cameras are now a feature on many phones and you will be hard-pressed to find a model that does not have one. Most standard phones include what is known as a VGA camera, but if you opt for one of the top of the range smartphones you can have a camera which has anything up to 16 megapixels.

As the camera phone has allowed people to leave their usual digital camera at home it is worth finding out about the features on the camera. Is there an auto-focus feature? Is there a built-in flash? Are there any modes which will help to improve the quality of the image; however, the question we need an answer to is – are they worth it?

Only One Device to Carry

For a camera phone that has a high spec camera you can find yourself paying out a great deal of money. It can work out far cheaper to purchase a good quality digital camera and a fairly basic phone. The advantage of having the two combined is that it can save a great deal of time and space. If you like to take plenty of photos then you will find that it is far easier to use a phone to do it as it will save carrying around a bulky camera in addition to the phone.

Social Networking

There are some advantages to having a camera phone. They are ideal for those who like to share the images that they take on their social networking sites as the connection to the site can be made instantly and the image uploaded. This means that it is very easy to share the images that you take. However, there are some disadvantages to a camera phone.

Image Quality

You can often take a far better photo with a digital camera and if you are looking to take professional-quality images it is a good idea not to abandon the digital camera altogether. There is no optical zoom included on a camera phone which can make it harder to take a good quality snap and if you opt for a phone that has no flash then you will not be able to take a half-decent photo in poor light.

Everyday Snapshots

If you can find a handset that remains slim and sleek even with a good quality camera installed then this is a good thing. It can make it light and handy to carry around. As most people only want to take photos as reminders of a great day out or other event there is no need to worry about taking professional quality photos. You simply want a clear photo that will remind you of that moment forever.

On Balance

It is worth having a phone that has a camera if only to capture special moments. You cannot always take a digital camera along with you when you are going somewhere. How many people have gone somewhere and forgotten to take it? Having a camera built in to the phone can make all the difference and you can be sharing your snaps in an instant with very little effort at all.

Phil Turner has just bought an Android tablet for his grandson who is 4 years old. He is now thinking of buying one for himself, in black rather than bright green though.


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