Compatible Toner Cartridge Will Save You Money

After using compatible toner cartridges for five years, I noticed there have been a lot of changes in the toner cartridge market. The savings today are significant. The quality of the compatible cartridges is much better than before. To make sure your complete satisfaction when purchasing compatible toner, take a minute to make an informed choice.


Compatible toner cartridges were originally sold as recycled toner cartridges. The basic recycling method consisted of drilling a hole in the cartridge and refilling it with toner. Once the cartridge was filled, the hole was plugged. This toner cartridge was then sold to the consumer as a great deal or a “compatible toner cartridge”.

The problem was that the drill and fill cartridges produced lower quality and printed fewer pages. They were very inconsistent from cartridge to cartridge. In short, there was no (QC) quality control. One compatible toner cartridge might perform great and the next may not.

However, things have changed so much. Today, compatible toner cartridges are brand new cartridges made from brand new parts… the same parts specified in your Original printer manual. The technology is exactly the same as that used by major printer manufacturers. Today, a reputable compatible toner company uses the same components as major printer companies. Their toner, drums and rollers are the same quality and specification.

Compatible toner cartridges sometimes has a dual meaning. When some companies use the term refurbished toner cartridge, they really mean “remanufactured” toner cartridges. When other companies use the term compatible toner cartridge, they mean a “new” toner cartridge manufactured by a third party merchant.  Both types of cartridges can be a good buy.

Be sure you learn about the company you buy toner from. Not all companies are the same. Remember, a remanufactured and compatible toner cartridge can be as good of quality as a new compatible toner cartridge. Both types of toner cartridges will save you tons amount of money.

The best suppliers of compatible toner cartridges have the best quality control process in place. They insure that their toner cartridges are double-checked so that you get high quality printing and the same number of pages or more. If a cartridge is remanufactured, any parts that do not meet their standards are replaced. You should be satisfied with all printing results.

Good companies offer good warranties. You should always get a strong money back guarantee. If a company does not warranty their toner cartridges for one year, you have found the wrong company.


Do your homework. Visit the websites of several reputable toner companies. Find your exact toner cartridge. Compare prices, warranties, shipping, service, etc. provides the best quality of compatible toner cartridges. Our toner are high quality. We offer low prices without sacrificing our quality. Check out our toner selection now!



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