Best Smartphones For Fashion Bloggers

As a fashion blogger, you need a fast phone that is capable of keeping up with your busy schedule. You also want something that will represent your personal sense of style, and have a good quality camera to capture great images for your blog. Choosing the right smartphone can be a challenge, so here are a few key considerations you should keep in mind to help you buy the best smartphone for your needs.

Apps and Accessibility

When choosing the best smartphone to suit your fashion blogging lifestyle, you should consider which apps you want and how they run on the phone you’re interested in. Take some time to test as many models as you can to get an idea of responsiveness and the functionality of each one. Choosing a smartphone is a very personal decision, and the interface for each model will appeal to different people.

In addition to how the phone responds, testing the phones before you buy lets you see the physical design and styling for each model, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your individual preferences and tastes.

High Quality Camera

This is essential for all fashion bloggers, so make sure you choose a phone that has great camera capabilities, preferably over a minimum of 8 megapixels. This will ensure that you can upload crisp, clear and vivid photos straight to your blog directly from your smartphone.

Having a quality camera built in means that you won’t have to worry about carrying a separate digital camera, and the sharing facility lets you instantly upload without having to use a computer. Some would argue that a good camera supported by a versatile platform to upload pictures is one of the most important features of a smartphone for a fashion blogger.

High Performance Capability

If you’re a serious fashion blogger, chances are you keep a busy schedule of attending shows, meeting with designers, monitoring a large volume of emails, and running your own blog. Rather than relying on a laptop and a phone, the right smartphone can combine the two and offer you a simple yet sophisticated solution. Consider phones with a large capacity for memory and fast performance to ensure that you always have access to what you need. The new quad core smartphones are an incredibly fast and efficient option for bloggers who want to be a part of the newest technological trend.

Make sure your check out the multitasking capabilities of the smartphones you’re interested in. A good multitasking tool will allow you to complete several activities at once, such as browsing the web for inspirations, listening to your favourite music, running your email app and letting you compose your blog all at once.

With these key points in mind, you should be ready to take the next step and find the smartphone that will perfectly suit your lifestyle. Having a successful fashion blog requires inspiration, motivation and access to great technology, all of which you will experience with your new smartphone.

Emma Jane is a stay at home mom who regularly writes product reviews on blogs. She is currently testing a few latest released smartphones and tablets.


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