Cool and Funny USB Flash Drives For Everyone

Why limit yourself to a conventional universal serial bus (USB) drive? has a huge inventory of reasonably priced, funny USB drives that express your personality. In addition, these funny drives range in size from 2 gigabytes (GB) to 32 GB, so there is a cool USB drive that suits every need.

Cartoon USB Drives


8GB Cartoon Doctor USB Flash Drive  – $9.99
Check It Out Now

Whether you are into anime or just want to showcase your wacky personality, has a cartoon USB drive that expresses what you want to say. Choose from aliens, ninjas, movie stars and professional caricatures, such as doctors. You can even find cartoon USB drives that look like literary characters or clique stereotypes, like a “goth” kid. even has action figures, such as Batman, Flash Gordon, Captain America, Dare Devil and more. Maybe cute cartoons are more your thing. You can find cute cartoon penguins, pigs, monkeys, cows and almost any other animal you can imagine.

Funny USB drives are not limited to everyday themes. even has the perfect holiday cartoon USB drives. Here you can find Halloween-themed USB drives — like skulls and skeletons — as well as classic Holiday reindeer.

Whimsical USB Drives


8GB Gold Bullet Shaped Designer USB Flash Drive – $7.99
Check It Out Now!

Fool your friends with a disguised USB drive. has USB drives that look ordinary items. Imagine a cool USB drive hidden in a camera or a golf ball. You can even find USB drives that look like handguns, bullets and hand grenades. Or impress your friends with a USB drive that looks like the keyless entry device for a Mercedes automobile.

If you love Legos, then has the perfect USB drive for you. Maybe you are a wine connoisseur — you can get a USB drive in the shape of a cork. Do you have a spicy personality? Get a chili pepper shaped drive. Perhaps you are into sushi — has a cool USB drive for that, too. Whatever your personality, you can find a whimsical USB drive that expresses it perfectly.

Designer USB Drives


4GB Silver/Gold USB Flash Drive Bracelet – $8.09
Check It Out Now!

Some USB dives express your softer side. Do you like “bling”? has jeweled USB drives that mimic bracelets, charms for necklaces and keychains. Nothing says “designer” like lots of money. Get USB drives in American dollars, Chinese yen or credit cards.

Maybe “bling” is not your thing, but you do want to make sure that you are never without the data on your USB drive. has simple bracelets and necklaces as well as a wide variety of keychains: choose from flip-flops, flowers, guitars and more.

Whatever your personality has a USB drive to express it. You are not limited to conventional shapes when you store your data. Check out the options at today.



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