Saving Money with Brighter and More Energy Efficient LED Flashlights

Imagine a type of flashlight that doesn’t use up an entire set of batteries in one night. It would be great for camping, emergency use and more. You also wouldn’t have to worry about replacing the batteries as much.

An LED flashlight does all of that and a bit more.

LED is Brighter When it Comes to Flashlights

You’re probably quite familiar with the problems that traditional flashlight exhibit. Instead of being bright, their light seems to scatter everywhere. If you want a brighter flashlight, you need a bigger bulb. To get a bigger bulb, you need a bigger flashlight and more batteries.

It’s a vicious cycle that can end up costing you a lot of money.

That’s where one important quality of a light-emitting diode comes in. The light it emits travels in one direction, which is usually perpendicular to the diode. You won’t see light scattered everywhere else from this type of flashlight unless it’s built with a special housing to do so.

To put it plainly, the light will only go where you want it to go. You won’t have dim spots and it will be easier to see in the dark.

The other quality that an LED flashlight has is the ability to be much brighter than non-LED counterparts. The average LED is able to produce anywhere from ten to fifteen times as much light as a traditional bulb is able to with the same amount of power.

This means that, in addition to having light that goes where you want it, your light can also be much brighter.

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LED Can Last Longer

Chances are that you’ve reached for a flashlight that you thought worked, yet you turned it on and no light came on. Either the batteries died or the bulb burned out. LED isn’t nearly as prone to this type of situation as traditional flashlights are.

There’s two ways that an LED flashlight lasts longer than a traditional incandescent or halogen flashlight. First, it can uses less energy. Second, doesn’t have any filament to burn out.

Both of these features come about from the way an LED works. Instead of burning a filament in a vacuum-sealed enclosure, an LED can emit light simply by being supplied with electricity. In this way, traditional flashlights are no more advanced than torches that have been used for thousands of years.

Because there’s nothing to burn, it requires less energy to produce the same amount of light. This allows an LED-using flashlight to emit the same amount of directional light while using a fraction of the amount of power a filament bulb would need. This also allows them to be smaller and more compact when compared to traditional flashlights.

Since there’s no filament involved with an LED bulb, there’s no filament to burn out. LEDs can fail, but their life often lasts anywhere from five to ten times as long as your traditional flashlight does.


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Switching From Traditional to LED: Why Wait?

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