An LED Watch is Cool, Functional and Stylish

LED flashlights are the latest craze. Not only do they make for the best type of wrist decoration, but they’re also cheap, easy on the eyes and lighter than traditional watches.

An LED watch is the perfect solution for anyone trying to be trendy or functional. They’re not archaic like a metal-banded watch and they can be more complex visually than the inner workings of a mechanical wristwatch.

Any way that you look at it, a light emitting diode watch will likely end up being something that you’ll love for years. Here’s a number of reasons as to why you may want to purchase one.


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Reason #1: LED Watches are Stylish

With most wristwatches, you only have one of two ways that the time is displayed. You either see it by a set of hands pointing at numerals or in the form of large, black numbers that tend to blink.

LED watches can do so much more than that. Some get so complex that it becomes a logic game trying to decrypt what time it is. You can have a series of unmarked lights with changing patterns that change by the second.

While people who want to readily be able to tell the time anytime after they’ve opened their watch don’t usually purchase those types of watches, it goes to illustrate that LED watches can be something incredibly different from the norm.

Reason #2: LED Watches are Accurate

The first LED watches released in the 1970s were able to keep time while only losing 25 seconds a year. This outperformed every major watch available on the market at the time, including Rolex and Accutron.

Today, LED watches are even more accurate. Their ability to become accurate timekeeping pieces stems from the technology that makes them operate. Inside each watch is a crystal made out of quartz. This allows oscillations of 32,768 times per second.

Why are oscillations important? Simply put, the more oscillations a watch’s internal computer makes, the more accurate it is.

If you live in a timezone that lacks any sort of Daylight Savings Time with no plans of moving or visiting outside of that timezone, then it’s very likely that you may never have to set your watch to the correct time again if you go LED.

Reason #3: They’re Lightweight

There’s a difference between carrying a mechanical watch and a light emitting diode watch on your wrist.

The mechanical watch is heavy, cumbersome and you’re always worried that it will break.

With an LED watch, it’s so light that you may even forget that it’s there. The majority of this type of watch’s weight resides in not the part that tells time, but the bands that keep it on your arm. The reason that this type of watch is so lightweight is because there are no moving parts. Everything is electronic, and thus everything is more efficient and more compact.

Reason #4: They Make Great Conversational Pieces

This goes back to the unique types of displays that this type of watch can have, but they often make for great conversation topics.

For example, say you’re at a night club or a bar. Chances are that the lights are dim at best. If you’re dancing or relaxing with some friends, then one of the few things that anyone will be able to see are the bright lights that shine from your LED watch.

Depending on the type of watching you have, tho way it displays colors and patterns while the seconds tick down may even make for a nice conversation opening.

Next thing you know, you’ll be as popular as Roger Moore was with his Pulsar P2 watch from when he starred as James Bond in 1973.


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If you want to look stylish like some of the most iconic movie actors, politicians and public figures from the 1970s while retaining the trendy look and functionality of a gadget from tomorrow, then buy a watch from They have an outstanding selection at a price that can’t be beat.



Cool and Funny USB Flash Drives For Everyone

Why limit yourself to a conventional universal serial bus (USB) drive? has a huge inventory of reasonably priced, funny USB drives that express your personality. In addition, these funny drives range in size from 2 gigabytes (GB) to 32 GB, so there is a cool USB drive that suits every need.

Cartoon USB Drives


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Whether you are into anime or just want to showcase your wacky personality, has a cartoon USB drive that expresses what you want to say. Choose from aliens, ninjas, movie stars and professional caricatures, such as doctors. You can even find cartoon USB drives that look like literary characters or clique stereotypes, like a “goth” kid. even has action figures, such as Batman, Flash Gordon, Captain America, Dare Devil and more. Maybe cute cartoons are more your thing. You can find cute cartoon penguins, pigs, monkeys, cows and almost any other animal you can imagine.

Funny USB drives are not limited to everyday themes. even has the perfect holiday cartoon USB drives. Here you can find Halloween-themed USB drives — like skulls and skeletons — as well as classic Holiday reindeer.

Whimsical USB Drives


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Fool your friends with a disguised USB drive. has USB drives that look ordinary items. Imagine a cool USB drive hidden in a camera or a golf ball. You can even find USB drives that look like handguns, bullets and hand grenades. Or impress your friends with a USB drive that looks like the keyless entry device for a Mercedes automobile.

If you love Legos, then has the perfect USB drive for you. Maybe you are a wine connoisseur — you can get a USB drive in the shape of a cork. Do you have a spicy personality? Get a chili pepper shaped drive. Perhaps you are into sushi — has a cool USB drive for that, too. Whatever your personality, you can find a whimsical USB drive that expresses it perfectly.

Designer USB Drives


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Some USB dives express your softer side. Do you like “bling”? has jeweled USB drives that mimic bracelets, charms for necklaces and keychains. Nothing says “designer” like lots of money. Get USB drives in American dollars, Chinese yen or credit cards.

Maybe “bling” is not your thing, but you do want to make sure that you are never without the data on your USB drive. has simple bracelets and necklaces as well as a wide variety of keychains: choose from flip-flops, flowers, guitars and more.

Whatever your personality has a USB drive to express it. You are not limited to conventional shapes when you store your data. Check out the options at today.


Cool Camera Lens Mug for Your Photographer Friends

One of the best things about giving people presents is the fun you get to have thinking about what they enjoy and what they might need as you search for the right item. If you don’t know very much about the person except what he does for a living, you can always find a gift that relates to his career. The person for whom you want to get a gift may not be very interested in receiving a practical item so much as something fun and enjoyable.

For example, if you are looking for a present to give to a photographer, you may not want to buy an actual camera or any other photographic equipment, because you assume that the professional knows what items he needs for his business. You will want to get something that is somehow related to photography but that is fun and interesting, such as a camera lens mug. This is an ingenious product that resembles a camera lens but actually works as a drinking vessel.

Many people who are looking for a gift for a photographer choose to get the stainless steel liner camera lens cup mug canon EF 24-105mm F4 Filter for Coffee Milk Water. It has been carefully designed and produced to be a copy with 99.9 percent similarity to the original Canon EF 24-105mm F4 filter IS USM lens.


Camera Lens Cup Mug Canon EF 24-105mm F4 Filter – $9.99
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This realistic camera lens mug has a screw lid hood, which will keep your photographer’s beverage nice and hot. You don’t want to accidentally spill your drink when walking through the photography studio, so the lid is an important feature that will protect valuable equipment and photos. The photographer will appreciate the lid because he doesn’t want to face having to clean up a liquid spill on the floor of his studio before clients come in for a consultation or to begin work on a new project.

Imagine the photographer wants to drink some coffee or tea in the morning before starting the day’s work. He removes the lid and pours in the beverage, and it looks just like one of the lenses he has on his worktable.

The mug is made from food-grade PVC plastic, which means it is completely safe for drinking a variety of beverages, including hot drinks, water, milk, fruit juice. It is also suitable for holding a snack, such as a few scoops of ice cream, which the photographer will find abundantly refreshing on a hot summer’s day.

The camera lens mug holds approximately 375 ml of liquid. Your recipient can also use the mug as a handy pen and pencil holder, if he has more of a need for writing instruments than he does for a mug.


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It is a great gift idea for professional photographers as well as photography students or even camera hobbyists. Anyone who enjoys looking a photographs or works with images for a living, such as a photo editor for magazine or a website, will also appreciate this present, which is conveniently available for you to order at