Lava Lamps That Make The Best Gifts

Lava lamps have long been a bedroom accessory for everyone from college students to kids to adults with a love of kitschy and unique décor.  The standard lava lamps, with their liquid blobs floating in a cone-shaped container, are still a popular choice for people who want to remember the decorations that characterized their younger days.  However, these days, there are many other types of lava lamp designs that younger generations might appreciate. The addition of LED lights and different types of liquid make it possible for manufacturers to really make some unique designs.

The holidays are a great time to give gifts such as lava lamps.  They can be used year-round, and, if you choose something really unique, they can steal the show and become one of the most memorable gifts that a person can get during the holidays.

If you want to give a gift that will really turn heads this holiday season, then here are some great ideas for unique lava lamps.

Oversized (grande) lava lamps

Oversized (grande) lava lamps

These huge lights are over 2 feet tall, much larger than the original lava lamps that stood in so many bedrooms during the 1960s and 1970s.  The size alone can make these lights a great gift.  However, there are some really unique color combinations and designs that can make these large lamps even more impressive. A black and clear classic two-color scheme has the same clean feel as the two-tone lamps of the past, but with a much more modern feel and appearance.  Pastel colors, and pink and purple two-color classic lava lamps can be the right choice for people who will appreciate a modern update of the classic lava lamp look.

Mini-lava lamps

At the other end of the price and size spectrum sit the smallest lava lamps.  These may only hold 8 ounces of liquid, but they are large enough that the different liquids can create the same unique patterns that larger lamps can provide.  These lights are great for people who want a light for their office or for their bed-side table.  The same classic two-color patterns are available for these small lamps, while other more-unusual options are also available.

 Tornado and vortex lava lamps

Tornado and vortex lava lamps

Tornado lava lamps have become a popular alternative to standard “lava bubble” lamps.  These lamps have a small motor that creates a “tornado” or “vortex” that spins while the light shines from underneath.  This can create unique light patterns that reflects on the walls.  Some vortex lamps have sparkly material that can further enhance the light patterns.  These lamps are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and are probably the most popular alternative to a standard classic lava lamp.

Differently-shaped  lamps

Some lamps might have the standard liquid contents as a classic lava lamp, but they come in different shapes.  If the usual cone-like lamp shape seems dated and unattractive, there are plenty of other models to choose from.  From tall, straight tubular lamps to lamps with a curvy, (snake-like) stance, there are certainly options beyond the classic cone-like shape.

Electroplasma lamps


This spin on the classic lava lamp is one of the most interesting.  If you want something that brings to mind the classic lava lamp appeal but offers a completely different visual feel, one of these lamps might be right for you.  Electroplasma lamps basically look like a lightning storm in a bottle.  The light patterns can change with static electricity.  This is not quite as bright as a a standard lava lamp, so it can perhaps be used as a night-light or as an office light.


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