Five Ultra-Unique Shower Heads

You might not think that your choice of shower-head makes much difference.  Virtually any shower-head can perform the same basic task (that is: provide a steady stream of water for your showering needs).  However, most people spend time in the shower every day.  A good shower-head can turn this daily activity into something that is a relaxing or invigorating experience, not merely something that you have to do before you go to work each morning.

Want your shower-head to do more than a standard fixture can?  Here are some great options for cool shower-heads that can change your bathing experience forever.

Aquasana Deluxe Shower Water Filter System

The Aquasana Deluxe Shower Water Filter System is an option that is quite unique.  It has a water filter that can remove chemicals and minerals from your shower water.  This is a popular choice for people who are concerned about the health and cosmetic problems that can come from showering in unfiltered water day after day.  People who live in areas that have especially hard water or in areas where the water has a strong smell will welcome the filtering powers of this Aquasana device.  The filter lasts for about six months in regular conditions, so it is practical for households with multiple people.

LightInTheBox Wall Mount Square Rainfall LED Shower Head

People who like their showers to be relaxing rave about rainfall shower-heads.  These shower-heads are not the most practical when it comes to lowering your water bill, but few can argue about their attractiveness.  The New Luxury 10 Inch Chrome Brass Shower Head With LED Light is one of the most interesting options in this category.  It offers the same wide head as other rainfall shower-heads, but it adds another feature as well: LED lighting.  The water-powered LED light (no electricity required) changes color with the water temperature, so you won’t even have to test the temp before entering your shower – the light will tell you when the water is perfect.  Not only is this a good option for that practical reason, some people find that the light has a calming effect that can change their showering experience and make it even more relaxing.

Speakman Anystream 360 Dual Shower Head

The Speakman Anystream 360 Dual Shower Head is another example of a unique shower-head.  This device actually has two separate heads that are connected by a U-shaped pipe.  These heads can be concentrated on one place or they can be angled separately to hit a larger portion of the showerer’s body.  This in itself can be a useful feature for people who want to cut down on their showering time.  However, the Anystream takes it a step further, offering no less than 50 different types of massaging stream patterns that can really provide a personalized sense of relaxation.

Hudson Reed Thermostatic Shower Tower

For a truly luxurious and full-featured shower, one of the most interesting choices is the Hudson Reed Thermostatic Shower Tower.  This system features a standard overhead shower head.  But it also has a “tower” with a tub spout and five outlets for “body spray.”  Moreover, it boasts a thermostat so that people can set the most comfortable temperature without having the guess and repeatedly test the water before jumping into the shower.

Thunderhead High Pressure Rain Shower Head

Many people complain about the overall pressure of their shower-head.  It might look great when un-boxed, but once it is installed, the water pressure is lacking.  This is not the case with the Thunderhead High Pressure Rain Shower Head.  This device offers the best of both worlds, the wide water pattern of a “rain” shower head and high water pressure.  If you are a practically minded person, there is even a flow limiter that can lower the pressure (and save on your water-bill).  If you want a head that can be both a massager and a money-saver, this is a good choice.


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