The Best Digital Picture Frames In Every Price Range

A digital picture frame can provide you with a great way to store and display pictures.  Many top-of-the-line picture frames come with an HD display and the ability to hold a slide show that is hundreds or even thousands of pictures large.  Of course, the digital picture display market is a very crowded one, so there are plenty of options that may prove disappointing.  If you are looking for a quality device to display your favorite pictures in a slideshow format, then these frames are for you.

One of the top options comes from long-time photo processing and film producer Kodak.  The Kodak Pulse 10-inch Wi-fi Digital Frame can do everything that anyone could want from a digital picture frame.  It has a crystal clear display that rivals the best tablets and laptops on the market.  And, in fact, it has many tablet-like features, such as the ability to connect to the internet wirelessly so that the user can send photos and share pictures via email.  The ability to store up to 4,000 images means that it is possible to run a long slide show without having to upload new pictures.  The upload process can also be completely wirelessly.  So what’s the catch?  The Kodak Pulse costs more than most digital picture frames.  The sticker price is approximately $200.

On the other end of the price spectrum is the ViewSonic VFD823-50 8-inch Digital Picture Frame.  This frame costs around $50.  It has a good display with the same aspect ratio and pixel numbers as more expensive frames.  It does, however, lack a lot of the bells and whistles and even some of the basic traits and tools that some people might be expecting.  There is no ability to upload photos wirelessly and no way to share pictures via the internet.  Also, users can’t control the order in which their pics are shown in slideshow mode.  Still, the picture upload process is easy (you can upload via a USB connection) and the display is good enough to impress most viewers. So if you want a picture frame that you can use to simply show your pics, then this ViewSonic is probably the best option on the market.

The Toshiba DMF82XKU is one of the sleekest digital frames currently on the market.  The attractive design is what draws a lot of people to this device in the first place, but there are a lot of great features that give some substance to this stylish frame.  The DMF82XKU has a great user interface that makes it easy to upload pictures, no matter what format they are saved in, and also to set up extra features like a wi-fi connection.  This screen is huge: 16-plus inches.  However, the widescreen display means that some pics will be automatically cropped or resized.  Despite this one major shortcoming, this is a sleek device that may seem well worth its $179 price tag for most users.

Kodak Easy Share D825 is arguably the best choice, overall, for people who want a digital picture frame.  At about $70, the price is definitely right.  The fact that a device this cheap has enough internal memory to store up to 4,000 is a major plus.  The D825 is compatible with a number of USB drives and memory cards, so, though it lacks a wi-fi connection, it is still easy to upload pics to the frame.  It has a classic design that makes it look like a standard picture frame, so it will certainly appeal to those who want a classic appearance for their picture displays.


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