Best Holiday Gifts For Xbox Gamers

It is usually pretty easy to shop for holiday gifts for the video game aficionados in your life.  A new game or two should appease them, and you can often just stick a Game Stop gift card in their stocking or let them pick out their favorite titles online.  Of course, there are plenty of other things that will make the gamer in your life happy this holiday season.  Not sure where to start?  These consoles, console upgrades, accessories and other video game related items will be welcome additions to most video game fanatic’s arsenal.

Turtle Beach PX5 Headset

For a gamer who already has a lot of accessories, this could be the perfect gift.  Of course, the price tag, about $250, might make this a bit out of some shoppers’ price ranges.  However, there are not too many headphones out there that can top this one, and it is a favorite choice for video game players who compete in tournaments and play for cash prizes.  Players can use the controls to actually improve their play by amplifying certain sounds and singling out sounds that can help them anticipate what is going to happen next in the game.  Of course, this is also a good choice for people who appreciate high-great sound.  The PX5 has sound quality that beats most of the other gamer-specific headsets on the market, so it is a great value overall if you consider that some high quality stand-alone headsets can cost as much as $400.

Kinect add-on for Xbox

The Kinetic might not be for everyone.  But luckily, you don’t have to buy a completely new game console if you want to try it out.  The Kinetic sensor, all that is needed for Kinect games (since your movements control the console when the camera is attached), only costs $99.  So, if you already have an Xbox 360, this add-on can make it possible to play Kinect games.  No, there are not too many titles, but some super-popular video games, such as Dance Central, can be played on the Kinect.  Also, you can use the camera to navigate through the Xbox’s many features without having to use the batteries on your controller.  In short, if you already have an Xbox, this is an invaluable accessory.  Many of the Kinect’s games are aimed at younger children, so if you have kids in the house, getting an Kinect add-on for the holidays in really a no-brainer.  Don’t have an Xbox 360?  The price tag is under $200, and bundles are available to help shoppers save on the console and Kinect package.

Nyko Zoom

This device is also related to the Kinect.  The one negative of the Kinect is that a large room is required to play, since sometimes movements have the be quite broad and pronounced in order to work the controller.  The Zoom makes it possible for people who are playing their Kinect in a bedroom or in a small apartment to “zoom” the sensors so that they can control the game without having to have such pronounced movements.

Xbox Controller Rechargeable Battery Pack

The biggest pet peeve for many gamers is the fast pace at which their controller eats up battery power.  Yes, a wireless controller is the best option, especially for serious gamers, but if you have to switch out the batteries after a few hours of game time, it can be quite frustrating (especially when you have to go to the store to grab a new pack of AA sized batteries).  A recharging station and two battery packs can take this problem out of the equation.  At less than $30, you wont need to use the charger too many times before it pays for itself.  With two battery packs, users can switch out batteries and continue playing with only a few seconds pause.


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