Four Great Watches That Can Do More Than Tell Time

People think that they don’t really need a watch or clock anymore.  They can tell time with their computer, their cell phone or their stereo.  But what if your watch or clock could do more than simply tell time?  Or what if the style of your clock was so unique and head-turning that it was as much a part of your personality as your clothes?  The coolest watches and clocks can still prove useful, both as stylish accessories and as multi-use gadgets that can do more than merely tell you what time it is.   Here are some of the best of these ultra-cool devices.

One of the most interesting watches currently on the market is one that can actually make it easier to wake up in the morning.  A shake-and-wake alarm watch vibrates gently on your wrist to wake you up without those annoying beeps, songs, or squawking sounds that come out of most standard alarm clocks and watches.  Not only will your wake-up experience be gentler, but you can use this watch to wake yourself up on time without making noises that will wake everyone else in the house up too.  This is a perfect gift some someone who has to wake up at an earlier hour than their spouse.  This can also be a very valuable tool for people who have hearing problems.  Prices for these types of watches are pretty reasonable, with plenty of models available for less than $30.

What if your watch could entertain you?  Sure, your smart-phone has video and music capabilities, but can it fit on your wrist comfortably?  A MP3/MP4 radio watch can take care of all your entertainment needs without taking up any space in your pocket.  These devices can work with headphones and have small, but bright screens so that you can even watch movies on the go.  The MP3 feature makes it easy to listen to music while exercising or doing other tasks that require two hands.  This wristwatch also comes with a voice recorder and text reader.  And, of course, it also does what all watches can do: give you the correct time and date at a glance.

Sometimes, having a watch is all about having a unique style. Sure, telling the time is still important, but a good watch can also give you a unique appearance and help you stand out from the crowd.  That is the case with the LED Fan Watch, available from Meritline. Standard twelve hour clock faces and digital time read-outs are boring, but you don’t have to settle for that same-as-everyone-else style with this device.  The watch has LED lights that light up to give the time information in hours and minutes.  The number of lights tells you the time (there is one row for hours and one row for minutes, each row shaped like a rainbow arching across the watch face.  With a leather strap and very light weight (a few ounces), this is one of the most comfortable and stylish watches available.

Another Meritline offering, the Touchscreen LED Watch, has a more traditional watch layout.  It relies on LED lights, which circle the outside of the face, rather than traditional hands, to the tell hours and minutes.  What is special about this watch is that you can change modes and change the time without having to find and turn small knobs on the side of the body.  You can control the watch’s functions by using the touch-screen located right on the watch’s face.  Certain tapping patterns allow you to change hours and minutes and set different modes by simply dragging your finger across the top of the watch face.


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