7 Most Useful Apple Accessories

Apple is one of the most popular brands on the planet.  Products like the iPhone, iPad and Macbook have captured the imaginations of the public (as well as dominating a huge section of the market).  These products are attractive in and of themselves, though their competition has gotten quite a bit stiffer in recent years.  Something that still sets Apple apart is the number of accessories that are available for its products.  These range from stylish-but-basic carrying cases to high tech add-ons that make it easier to type, talk, and run a variety of apps.

For people who want to get the most out of their Apple devices, these seven accessories should be on the top of the top-buy list.

1. Apple Magic Trackpad – This trackpad has the same sleek design that users have gotten with Apple’s lie-flat keyboards.  This trackpad can give users a tablet-like touch-screen experience on their Mac laptop or desktop computer.  The multi-touch technology makes it possible to scroll, flip pages, and drag and drop item without the need for a mouse or for learning hard-to-remember keystrokes.

2. Elgato EyeTv Hybrid TV Tuner – This small device that can fit in your Mac’s USB port is a TV tuner that can make it possible to watch live television on your Mac (it also works with most PCs).  Users can watch over-the-air channels and even record live television.  For people who want to use their computer to watch their favorite shows on the go, or who just want to record sports or events to watch on their laptop at a later date, this is an invaluable tool.

3. Targus Ultra Mini Four Port Hub – This USB device allows users to plug in multiple devices with a single USB port.  The Ultra Mini is the size of a pack of gum, and can accommodate cameras, keyboards, and mice, and still leave you room to charge your iPod or iPhone.  For anyone who needs to charge things on the go, this small and reasonably priced device is worth its weight in gold.

4. Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad – This useful accessory can connect to an iPad and work as both a keyboard and a case.  For those who wish that they could have both a laptop and a tablet, this is a great accessory.  It connects via Bluetooth and can really give iPad users a laptop-like experience in a device that is not much bulkier than a tablet.

5. Ipod Nano Wrist Case – These wrist carriers are not much larger than a standard watch.  They allow iPod Nano users the ability to easily access their device when traveling or exercising. A silicon case surrounds the Nano so that it is firmly held and secure.  Joggers or anyone who wants a hands-free music experience will appreciate this simple but valuable accessory.

6. Logitech wireless Bluetooth Speaker for iPad – These wireless speakers have great sound quality and compact size, so they are perfect for carrying around with you when you travel.  On the other hand, the speaker can simply sit on a bookshelf and give you great sound whenever you watch your iPad or listen to some music in your room.

7. Universal Mount for iPod and iPhone – This device makes it possible to mount your iPhone in a number of different situations.  It can be used in a car for hands-free talking and navigation, or it could be used to give you a similarly hands-free experience at your desk or even on a bicycle.  The vacuum suction technology makes it possible to place this holder virtually anywhere with a smooth surface.


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