High Tech Luggage That Can Make Traveling Easier

Good luggage brings peace of mind.  When you are traveling, the last thing that you want to have ot think about is the quality of your suitcase, backpack or carry-on.  Worrying about whether a zipper will hold or whether your case is strong enough to protect its fragile contents can be draining, especially if you combine it with the usual stresses that come along with traveling.  Luckily, there are plenty of good pieces of luggage out there that can give you peace of mind.  Sure, travel is an unpredictable undertaking, but with the right suitcase, at least you don’t have to worry about your suitcase while dealing with delayed or canceled flights or obscenely long security checkpoint lines.

Here are the six best high-tech suitcases, backpacks and carry-ons for serious travelers who don’t want to stress about their luggage, and even want to have a little fun while on the road.

1. Carry-Bike: This unusual piece of luggage is for people who want to have a bit of fun while traveling.  Its rubber wheels and sleek design make it seem like a great choice for helping travelers carry their luggage to the check-in counter.  It’s more than that, though.  The frame can be converted into a small bike, complete with pedals and two small front-wheels for better balance.  Got a long way to travel to get to your terminal?  This might be the best piece of luggage that you could possibly buy. It will definitely prove to be the most fun.

2. Self Weighing Suitcase –  With airlines looking to get every dollar that they can from you with their baggage check policy and weight restrictions, this can be a real money-saver.  The suitcase has a small screen that gives weight information automatically when the bag is packed.  This certainly beats trying to weigh your bag on a bathroom scale or guessing and getting hit with over-weight charges when you try to check it with the airline.

3. Samsonite Black Label Suitcases – These super-strong and super-light cases are exactly what most travelers need.  Samsonite’s patented CURV material provides the cases with an almost unbreakable exterior, while great extras like zipper protection and 360-degree rotating wheels for stable transport make this one of the most desirable suitcase options out there.

4. High Sierra 22 Carry-on – This super-light bag is another favorite amongst serious travelers who don’t want to give their back a workout on the way to the gate.  High Sierra’s durable, state-of-the-art material makes this a strong bag as well as a light one, and the high-tech foam frame makes it easy to pack and stow in the overhead bin.

5. REI Wheely Beast – This massive duffle-bag-on-wheels is the perfect tool for travelers who just want one bag that they can carry everything in.  The strong nylon exterior is not only light-weight, but very, very strong.  Its lifetime warranty makes it a very good value overall.  The wheels give the Beast a suitcase-like feel, even though its backpacker/duffle bag styling is unmistakable.  A number of travel publications, including Outside Magazine, recommend this piece of luggage for its overall durability in harsh conditions.

6. Samsonite Silhouette – This stylish and reasonably priced suitcase is a great option and arguably one of the most popular pieces of luggage currently on the market.  It is sizable enough to fit most people’s needs, but remains very maneuverable thanks to its “spinner” wheels, which rotate so that the user is always in control.  The nylon exterior is flexible and strong, and not as heavy as Samsonite’s hard-sided cases.  This lighter weight means that you can pack more and still be under the airline’s weight restrictions.


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