8 Awesome Gadgets For Your Living Room

Most people spend a majority of their time at home in their living room.  This is the part of the house where the best furniture is, and it is also where most entertainment devices are located.  Yes, some people get carried away and end up with too many devices in their living room.  At the same time, other people have puzzlingly few, relying on an out of date TV and over-the-air antenna for their entertainment.  While it is easy to get carried away (there are so many cool devices out there, it’s hard not to want to buy them all), some high tech devices can really add an extra element of comfort and convenience to your living room.

Want to get the best devices for your living room?  Here is where to look.

1. Boxee Box – This video streaming device is one of the most flexible systems on the market.  It has a great user interface and isn’t as tied to streaming services like Hulu and Netflix as other competing devices.  People with a little bit of computer savvy might actually consider cutting out cable completely since they can use Boxee to stream any video that can stream on an internet browser.

2. Xbox 360 – This gaming system has the best reputation amongst serious gamers.  But even casual video game players will like the number of game options and the many extras that the 360 offers (video streaming, movie rentals, and downloadable games).  The Kinect version of the 360 is a favorite for families because of its controller-less, interactive games.

3. Sirius Connect Home Tuner – For people who casually listen to the radio in the car, the Sirius Home Tuner is not the most attractive appliance.  But for serious radio listeners and music fans, this device, which allows you to stream all Sirius channels and play them over your living room sound system, is a must.  Not only do you get to hear celebrities like Howard Stern, but also commercial-free channels dedicated to different musical genres and even sports talk radio.

4. Infinity Edge Touch Screen – This device is a tech-fiend’s dream.  Users can control everything from their home thermostat and lights to television and sound system.   The Infinity Edge can even be programmed to control a security system and other appliances.  You can control pretty much anything that you want with this device.

5. Nest Learning Thermostat – This “smart” thermostat is relatively easy to install and can really help you cut down on heating and cooling costs.  It can “learn” your heating and cooling habits and even suggest ways to cut down on your bill.

6. Roomba iRobot Vacuum – This might not be the funnest gadget that you could have in your living room, but it is certainly one of the most useful.  This high-powered cleaner can be programmed to handle basic carpet and floor cleaning tasks.  You can even set it to do its job while you are away at work, leaving you with one last chore to accomplish when you get home at night.

7. Kodak Pulse Wi-Fi Digital Frame – This is a digital picture frame that goes a step beyond the standard plug-in-and-display models.  It can be connected with Facebook and the Kodak Gallery site, so that photos can be directly displayed without having to be uploaded to the frame.

8. BiOrb Aquarium – This easy to maintain aquarium can provide an interesting addition to any coffee table or living room shelf.  The perpetually clean, upright, sleek orb design fits in small spaces and can really add to the atmosphere of a room.


One thought on “8 Awesome Gadgets For Your Living Room

  1. Emery October 31, 2012 / 6:31 pm

    Sometimes I do have a tendency to pack my living room with tons of gadgets, but as of late I’ve downsized quite a bit, and would only consider a few items to be awesome for my living room. All of these gadgets sound great too, but I only have an Xbox 360; which I do consider to be one of my favorite gadgets of all time. In addition to that my most favorite living room gadget is my Hopper Whole-Home DVR. I got one a few weeks ago after a friend I work with at DISH recommended it to me, and so far I love everything about it! The best feature for me is definitely PrimeTime Anytime. That records all primetime shows on the major networks for me each night, and saves them up to 8 days for me to watch whenever I get the chance. There are a lot of other cool features too, which makes it the perfect device for a TV junkie like me. 🙂


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